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What is David's Harp and How it Relates to Faith Today

One of the famous accounts of the Bible where music has been mentioned is during the time when David was still a young man. He was working for King Saul as one of his servants and David has found favor in the King’s sight. However, during this time God has already left Saul and instead an evil spirit came from time to time to torment him. This is where David and his masterful playing of the harp come in. Every time that the evil spirit makes Saul suffer, David would just play the harp and eventually the evil spirit will leave Saul. Here is the exact verse from the Scriptures:


“When the evil spirit that was sent by God would come on Saul, David would get his harp and play it. That would help Saul. He would feel better, and the evil spirit would leave him.” - 1 Samuel 16:23 (NIRV)


That is one amazing example of what music can make to a person. Today, we are bombarded with music that is full of subliminal messages that encourages drugs, fornication, vices, etc. And as we listen to this kind of music, those messages that are usually hidden in the upbeat bass or catchy melody are being buried to our subconscious minds slowly but surely. This is not what God wants us to have. Just like the music that the David’s harp produces, our music should be a comfort for the soul, a source of peace for the mind and a warm blanket of encouragement for the heart. As believers today, let us take some time to reflect what kind of music are we producing through our lives?


1. Comfort for the Soul

The music of David’s Harp helped King Saul to be ease of the torment that the evil spirit has been doing to him and be comforted. In his letter to the Corinthians, Paul said the following verses:


“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.” – 2 Corinthians 1:3 – 4


Our faith in God should result to a life that can provide comfort to other people especially those that are going to deep hurts and troubles. We have been comforted to provide comfort to other people. The Greek word for comfort as used by the apostle Paul is ‘paraklesis’ which means ‘to call to one’s side’. This is the same word that Jesus has also used to describe the Holy Spirit. To give comfort to others means to stand in the situation with the person. Don’t judge or criticize but rather give hope and love to the person who needs it. As the music of David’s Harp comforted the distressed King, let the music of our lives through what we say or do also give comfort to those who are facing their own tormenting spirit.


2. Source of Peace for the Mind

What do we do when we are being attacked by anxious thoughts or being pressured by the daily burdens of this life? Most of the people we know that are being plagued by these afflictions are lacking the peace of mind that they need. Before God has left King Saul, his life could be characterized as that of disobedience, regrets and insecurities. He has failed in the task of being a great leader for the people of Israel to follow and now the crown will be taken away from him. Indeed, peace of mind will be uncommon from him during that time of his life. Yet the David’s harp’s music has given him that peace even for a short amount of time.


As men and women of faith, we have a message that can bring that kind of peace to the persons in our circle of influence. And not like the peace that is fleeting for Saul, the peace that God can provide to people can transcend time and space – eternal. In Ephesians 6:15, one of the components of the armor of God is the ‘feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.’ Let us do our part of spreading that gospel of peace to the people in our lives. And as people listen to us, as they smell the sweet aroma of Christ in our lives, as they see the power of a life that has been transformed by God then they will also experience the peace like what the harp of David can provide.


3. Encouragement for the Heart

Have you been so discouraged to the point that you just want to scream out and destroy everything in your path? That must been what King Saul was feeling every time that the unclean spirit comes upon him. To be reminded of your failures and your weaknesses must be really discouraging even for someone who has been previously anointed and used by God.


There are too many people in our lives who are living in constant discouragement. If David’s Harp was able to give King Saul a brief source of encouragement, what do you think we can do as people of faith today to those discouraged people? If a melody from a small 10-stringed instrument can lift up someone’s spirit, what could be the effect of living words from the Bible that you can give to cheer a person?


In summary, David’s Harp was a great instrument that helped Saul to be comforted from the tormenting spirit. However, the effect of the sweet melody from the harp was only temporary. Now, we have been given a better instrument – our testimonies of changed lives. And us we take inspiration on how God can use a simple instrument to ease someone’s burden; let us also express gratitude that God wants to use our lives to help people in our world today to find comfort, peace and encouragement.

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