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Jewelry from the Holy Land

Biblical evidence of the Judaic tradition of jewelry is found all the way back into Genesis and to the marriage of our matriarch Rebekah to Isaac, “Then the servant brought out gold and silver jewelry and articles of clothing and gave them to Rebekah” (Genesis 24:53). Archeological indication of jewelry being made in Ancient Israel has been found dating back to the Late Bronze Age, about 1550–1200 BC. The modern jewelry industry in Israel began in 1937 when the world’s first diamond polishing factory opened in Petah Tikvah. Today Israel is a major world player not only gemstones, but in jewelry making and design. Israeli jewelry is known as innovative and made with premium materials and technique.

Sterling Silver and Gold Jewelry

One of original materials for jewelry in the Middle East was gold. Malleable and beautiful, gold is the perfect for creating jewelry. Sterling silver was created in Europe, particularly in the British Isles, and has become a more economical option for creating beautiful jewelry than gold.

Sterling Silver from Israel meets the world 952 silver standard and comes in an endless array of designs. Everything from very traditional symbols of faith such as the Star of David or the Cross to funky fashion designs are created in the Land of the Bible. A sterling silver jewelry piece would be a lovely choice for what every type of jewelry you seek.

Gold Jewelry from Israel comes in a variety of karat choices from 9kt to 14kt. These pieces are made by Israel’s premier jewelers and also come in a large variety of designs for all tastes. Gold jewelry is always an amazing choice for those who have a larger budget.

Scripture Jewelry

Scripture jewelry created for spreading God's message and inspiring those who wear is and those who view it to seek out the Word of God. Our scripture jewelry features passages from the Old Testament or Tanach selected to touch the hearts and soul. Created of the finest materials such as sterling silver, gold, gemstones and even leathers, these bracelets and necklaces with scriptures will be something to treasure.

Special Holy Land Materials

Holy Land Jewelry boasts some of the world’s most unusual, but special materials. These bring the essence of the Holy Land into each and every piece because they have been taken from the soil. Jerusalem Stone and Eilat Stone are two natural materials that make exquisite jewelry pieces. The third material is Roman Glass, while it is technically manmade it was made over 2000 years ago with the sand of the Holy Land.

Jerusalem Stone is lovely sandstone that is used on the façade of every building in the Holy City of Jerusalem. It is a wonderful color that gave the city the moniker “Jerusalem of Gold.” Jerusalem Stone jewelry is a thin piece of stone surrounded by a sterling silver mounting. They are decorated with different symbols of faith of the Holy Land.

Eilat Stone is known as Israel’s national stone, names for Israel’s southern most city. It is a stunning blue-green copper bearing stone that was originally extracted from the Timna copper mine which was one of the King Solomon’s mines. Eliat Stone makes spectacular jewelry pieces that are brightly colored and will surely be noticed. 

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