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Gifts for Kids: Give Them Something Meaningful

Every kid loves to get presents. Selecting the perfect gift for the kids in your life can be challenging. You want to get the child something he or she love, but also you want to give something worthwhile. It is important that at such a young age, we help our children to grow awareness about the things related to God.

For those whose faith is important and who support Israel, inspirational gifts for kids from the Holy Land are a wonderful option. These gifts are not only fun, but they can teach kids about the Bible and the importance of Israel. These subjects are sometimes difficult to teach to children and toys and games can be a great catalyst to that conversation.

Gifts for kids that come from the Holy Land are inspirational, fun and creative. For kids who love using their hands there are Biblical puzzles and models. Models of the Second Temple or the Tabernacle are fun, something you can do together with your child and will let you open a dialogue about the importance of the Bible and supporting Israel with your child.

You can do this not just by encouraging them to attend church or teaching them stories in the Bible. You can also take advantage of their natural desire to play by providing them with toys and other stuffs that will help them to grow their knowledge about the Bible and the teachings of Jesus.

Toys and Games

Plush toy is one of the most popular gifts for kids. 
You can start telling your little kids early about Israel by giving them a soft toy from the Holy Land. Choose to give them plush toys that can remind them of the stories in the Bible. There are plush toys that resemble lamb, shepherds, and camels. 

If you want more interactive toys, then board game about Biblical characters, the apostles, and the story of Noah will be a great choice. There are also puzzles about Bible stories, story books, and even wood model for building the Temple in Jerusalem, boat of Jesus and even the Tabernacle. Holy Land games include card games and memory match games. One such game is the Sayings of the Lord Memory Match Game. In this fantastic game the players match two halves of 24 of Christ’s key sayings. This game will improve your child’s memory and help your child learn more about the teachings of Yeshua.

Kids T-shirts

Instead of buying shirts that shows fictional superheroes and villains, you can consider gifting your kids with T-shirt that shows different animals from Noah’s ark. There are also designs where your kid can learn the different Aleph-beth, which is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Both kids and toddlers can have this cool shirt.

School Supplies

If your kid is already going to school, then try to give him a bag which expresses his respect for the nation of God which is Israel. To inspire you to have a deeper understanding of the nation of Israel, then there are pen, eraser, and notepad that shows maps and other significant landmark in the Holy Land.

You can also have an alarm clock, pencil case, drawing pads and other school stuffs that express your respect and love for the chosen nation of God. Helping your kids to grow with this kind of awareness will help them to have an idea about Israel.

Kids Holiday Shop

The Jewish people have a lot of festivals that are commanded in the Bible and even those that they created to celebrate the goodness of God in their land. Teach your kids the essence of thes festivals through different toys like plastic shofar set, purim noise maker and various plush toys that represents those important Festivals and holiday in the nation of Israel.

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