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Gifts by Faith

The Perfect Spiritual Gift

One of the best ways to show your love to a friend, a family member, or a brother or sister in faith is to give them a gift. And one of the best gifts that they can receive is a present that will help them to deepen their faith in God and increase their awareness of His presence in their lives.

The Jewish faith is rich in symbolisms and each emblem has its own meaning. These symbols communicate a deeper importance to those people who have understanding of the faith. Gifts like a shofar, tallit and even articles of jewelry with emblazoned Jewish symbols are not just valuable, but can also be a source of inspiration for those people that you love.

Messianic Gifts

The Messianic seal is a wonderful symbolism that shows the intersection of the original Jewish faith, represented by the symbol of the Menorah and the Christian faith, represented by the Ichthys, the fish symbol, which is closely associated to Jesus. Both emblems are connected by the Star of David, which represents that Jesus was the coming Davidic King who will reign forever.

Having the Messianic seal in your T-shirt, Kippah, scarf, tallit, and even in other pieces of your personal articles is a good way to remind you that we are blessed through the nation of Israel because of the Messiah who came to save us.

Messianic Jewelry

Jewelry is a way to enhance the beauty of a person. Wearing a necklace with a beautiful pendant, a pair of ear rings, bracelets and rings can highlight some aspects of a person’s physical feature. But what if you can further improve the fashion statement by wearing a jewelry that declares your faith?

There are a lot of jewelry articles that combines beauty and some Jewish and Christian symbols. You can wear pendants with various colors of crystals and crafted as the Messianic symbol. There are also necklace that shows the name of Jesus in Hebrew. Dangling earrings with Messianic seal shape and pomegranate pendant that speaks of Solomon’s songs of songs.

These pieces of jewelry will indeed make you stand out in beauty and in your faith in God.


Christian Gifts

The cross is, without doubt, the primary symbol of the Christian faith. It not just speaks of the suffering of Jesus to save us but also the unconditional love of God for us. Giving a gift with the symbol of the cross to someone will communicate your desire for them to have a deeper connection with Jesus.

Also, getting some souvenirs from the Holy Land is a great idea. A small bottle of olive oil from the Olive trees in Jerusalem, soil from Jerusalem where Jesus actually walked, and a small portion of the water from the Jordan River where Jesus was baptised can bring a sense of holiness and closeness to God.

If you are a Catholic, then a rosary that was crafted from an actual Olive wood can be a great idea as a gift to someone who wants to have a piece of the Holy Land always in their bag.

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