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Cosmetics from the Holy Land

Caring for your skin, the body’s largest organ,is an important part of being healthy. It is not just for those seeking the fountain of youth; it is for everyone who wants to feel healthy. Israel produces some of the world’s most advanced and effective skin care products. From world renowned Dead Sea Cosmetics lines to 100% natural olive oil based cosmetics to revolutionary treatments made from camel’s milk, the cosmetics of Israel has something for everyone’s skin.

Skin care products encompass a large array of products including day moisturizers, cleansers, exfoliating scrubs, night creams, eye treatments, nourishments, body lotions, hand creams, anti-age treatments, bath salts and mud masks. All these products revolve around a daily routine that is unique to each individual as each individual has unique skin care requirements.

Dead Sea Cosmetics

The Dead Sea contains 26 essential minerals, 12 of which cannot be found in any other sea or ocean in the world. This combination of mineral is very similar to the minerals found in skin cells. People have been coming to the Dead Sea for centuries seeking its secrets. It has been known for its healing qualities and legend has it that even the beautiful queens Sheba and Cleopatra as well as Kings Herod and Solomon visited to bath in the enriching waters.

Today Dead Sea’s magic is not just for kings and queens, all can benefit from its nourishing minerals. The best aspect is now a visit to the Dead Sea isn’t even necessary because Dead Sea Cosmetics are available for shipment throughout the world.

Internationally known brands such as Edom, Sea of Spa, En Gedi provide beautifully high quality cosmetics at a reasonable cost. The cosmetics are enriched with of course Dead Sea minerals and, but also natural botanical extracts from around the Dead Sea. They replenish and nourish the skin and have been known to delayhe effects of ageing, hydrate your skin leaving your skin fresh and rejuvenated.

Finally, Dead Sea cosmetics are a recommended treatment for all kinds of skin problems including acne, psoriasis, eczema (dermatitis), athlete’s foot and severely dry skin. Soaking in Dead Sea Salts has been clinically proven to relax muscle tension and aid in circulation of the capillaries as the surface of the skin.

Olive Oil Cosmetics

Olives are a major crop of the Mediterranean basin, the countries of from Spain to Italy and Greece and of course Israel all are major producers of olives and olive oil. In this region olives tress grow in large groves and have played a large role in the cultures of the area for centuries. Producing olive oil has been perfected though thousands of years of experience. Olives are harvested, then crushed and pressed by specialized machines. The oil is extraction seems simple, but is actually a complex and carefully crafted process.

While most olive oil is produced for cuisine, it can also be a very effective main ingredient in cosmetics. Olive oil used topically as a moisturizer has been known for thousands of years. In clinical trials it has also been proven as a treatment for skin irritations and problems. Masik Olive Oil Cosmetics produces all-natural soaps. It leaves the skin naturally clean and very soft and smooth.

Camel Milk Cosmetics

In the Middle East Bedouin tribes have known about the healing properties of camel milk for millennia. Modern clinical tests have shown camel milk to be naturally rich in proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, antibacterial, antimicrobials agents and alpha-hydroxy acids, the Bedouins have used the milk of camels to make salves to treat injuries.

Today the healing power of Camel Milk has been placed in natural cosmetics. It has been proved to soften, smooth the texture and illuminates skin. Camel milk is a great anti-age agent as it evens out skin tone and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Additionally, these lovely cosmetics work well with skin disorders because the milk contains antibodies which fight infections and build immunity to effectively treat skin conditions. 

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