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Happy Passover!


Passover, 5774


Our Own Exodus

While the Exodus is the Israelite’s physical journey from bondage in Egypt to freedom, it was also a spiritual journey. Moses had to break free of his preconceptions of himself, Pharaoh, his people and even God. This journey was an integral part of the Exodus story. Without Moses changing his own personal perspectives, there could be no Exodus.


The transition that Moses undertook can be used as a guide for our own lives. We all have our perceived limitations of ourselves and others. God’s loving hand guided Moses through three remarkable inner shifts that enabled him to lead God’s people out of Egypt. .


From Indifference to Devotion

Moses grew up privileged, a prince in a palace. He had servants and probably did not want for anything. However, he lived in a state of denial; he was oblivious to the lives of the Hebrews under the Egyptian shackle. God, of course, put Moses in the right place at the right time. When Moses went to visit his people for the first time, he was outraged at how they were treated. He saw an Egyptian beating one of the Hebrew slaves. This ignited in Moses a righteous anger so much so that he killed the Egyptian.


From this point onward Moses could not ignore his people’s plight. He was forever changed and transformed from an indifferent prince to a devoted advocate for his people.


Sometimes it seems God places us just right.  It is possible that He is sending us a message that we must open our eyes and change our attitudes towards injustice. 


From Ignorance to Awareness

When God first came to Moses in the burning bush, Moses was skeptical. He was minding his own business when a bush erupted in flames instructing him to undertake a monumental task. After the directive to speak with Pharaoh and his people, Moses was so perplexed he even asked who was giving him his task. He honestly did not understand the immensity of God. He was simply not that familiar with God and his supremacy. His ignorance of God was not for lack of belief, but for lack of experience.


Through God’s word Moses was able to become aware of the Almighty and genuinely understand the vastness of God, trusting in Him completely. Moses was able to undertake a life-changing shift when he came to know God. It was clear what God wanted him to do and from there on he knew God would be near him always.


We all can work becoming closer to God and his glory. To do so will make it easier to understand God’s direction for each of us and let Him guide us to doing good works.


From Apprehensive to Courageous

After Moses became passionate about his people and recognized the enormity of God, he still had his doubts, but this time about himself. Moses was pretty convinced that God had the wrong person and he surely was not up for the job. He had excuses and explained his weakness as to why he could not do it. He even went as far as asking God to find someone else. However, God insisted it be Moses and instilled the confidence in him to face Pharaoh and lead his people.


God knows who we are and what we are capable of accomplishing. When we believe in God’s strength, He is there when we are weak. Through God we can know our inner- selves and the amazing things we are capable of achieving.


In times of uncertainty we need to remember not to fear our weaknesses. We can all do extraordinary work when we acknowledge our flaws and let God guide us to be courageous.

There are times in all our lives when it is necessary to undergo a spiritual Exodus. This



In this season and renewal and freedom, let us remember to continue to grow throughout our lives in every aspect of our lives. With God’s guidance we can breakdown our personal barriers that keep us standing still. In this way, we can free ourselves and be the very best person God intended us to be.



Passover Closing

The JesusBoat.com offices will be closed

Monday, April 14 and Tuesday, April 15

in celebration of the Passover holiday.


We will resume operations on Wednesday, April 16.


We wish everyone peace and love in this season of freedom.





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