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The Dead Sea Cosmetics Phenomenon: Separate Fact from Fiction

Dead Sea cosmetics products are full of Dead Sea minerals for which no synthetic substitute has yet been invented. For many years, the Dead Sea has been renowned for its therapeutic effects resulting from the minerals it contains. These minerals are contained in the phenomenal Dead Sea cosmetics line.

At 1300 feet below sea level,the Dead Sea contains incredibly high levels of minerals, which include calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium,thus making this body of water the most mineral-rich in the world. Cosmetics made from Dead Sea salt are used fora wide range of skin categories for both men and women. These natural, mineral-based cosmetics include moisturizers, night creams,cleansers, toners, and eye products.  Dead Sea cosmetics also feature peptides, vitamins, and minerals that fight the visible signs of aging, enhance the skin’s radiance, andsmooth the skin’s texture.

Dead Sea cosmetics, however, are normally not found in department stores, supermarkets, drugstores or other retail establishments. They can, however, be easily purchased on our website.

Before purchasing any other cosmetic product, it would be good to consider these facts concerning Dead Sea cosmetics:

#1 Dead Sea cosmetics contain the healing and beautifying properties of the Dead Sea, which have proven effective since Bible times.

#2 Dead Sea cosmetics have added value since no animal testing was involved in their manufacture.

#3 Dead Sea cosmetic products are manufactured in a factory with low environmental impact.

#4 Dead Sea cosmetics do not hide your skin flaws; they heal them.

#5 Dead Sea cosmetics contain 26 minerals that are essential to improving skin health.

#6 An unbalanced PH level will definitely affect any type of skin. The extra minerals in Dead Sea cosmetics will restore healthy skin regardless of your skin type.

#7 Dead Sea cosmetics are 100% natural and let the skin breathe.

#8 Dead Sea cosmetics help to retain and restore natural moisture in dry and oily skin.

#9 Dead Sea cosmetics are oil free and hypoallergenic – and never leave behind a greasy residue.

#10 Many of the essential minerals found in Dead Sea cosmetics are potent anti-oxidants, and thus prevent skin from aging.

Dead Sea cosmetics are highly recommended for all the above reasons and more. They may not work overnight, but a few weeks of diligent usage will produce a tremendous difference in your skin. Once you see this difference, you will be convinced that these products are safe, natural, environmentally friendly, and very effective.

One last note. Skin needs a constant supply of minerals to function properly and maintain its natural moisture balance to prevent dry, oily, flaky, or acne-prone skin.  This is because our supply of skin minerals normally becomes depleted during the course of our lives, resulting in dull and excessively dry skin. The high concentration of minerals in Dead Sea cosmetics makes them so extremely effective in healing, restoring, and beautifying the skin.

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