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The Best Dead Sea Cosmetics for Your Skin Type

Unless you are very tuned in to your skin’s need for various nutrients, chances are you may not think in terms of salt as a beauty treatment. But…surprise! Your skin does need minerals, no matter your age or skin type. Many of us pay a great deal of attention to making sure that our internal nutrition is right — and there’s no denying that if your health is great, your skin will reflect this. So that’s a plus!

On the other hand, everyday living, with all of its environmental challenges, dry-as-dust interior climates, and changeable conditions takes its toll on your body’s largest organ every day, causing aging and damage that can “creep up” on you. Want to avoid “mirror shock?” Our team at
Jesus Boat recommend taking a “salt cure” with Dead Sea cosmetic and skin products. Here are just some of the reasons:

1. They’re Gentle.

When you think of salt water, you probably think of the ocean—and you also probably figure that the Dead Sea salt concentration is even higher than “normal” ocean water. Actually, the opposite is true. Dead Sea water has a sodium chloride concentration of only 18 percent, compared with the 97 percent concentration of “normal” ocean water. It can keep you afloat, with few irritating “aftereffects.”

The “salts” in Dead Sea compounds are more complex as well, which means they can provide treatment options for a wider variety of skin conditions. Who hasn’t derived benefit from an Epsom salts “soak” from time to time? Think in terms of that kind of care for your skin every day, and you’ll begin to get an idea of how Dead Sea “treatments” can make you feel.

2. They Nurture Rather than “Fix.”

This water,and the helpful skin care products made from it, hasa lot more to offer than straight “salt.” The water itself is rich with a vast array of other nutrients such as magnesium, chloride, bromide, calcium, and potassium. That’s why the area around the Dead Sea is uniquely conducive to animal and plant life of all kinds, and why products made from these waters nourish your skin rather than attempting to “fix” it.

This rich concentrationof minerals, especially potassium and magnesium, helps your skin stay youthful, elastic, and pH-balanced. All of these attributes benefit your skin, no matter whether it’s dry, oily, or simply showing its age. This is why, for many skin conditions, products from the Dead Sea work when others fail.

3. They’re Compatible, not Chemical.

Because they are more than mere palliatives or “cover-ups,” Dead Sea compounds noticeablyhelp psoriasis, eczema, flaking skin, or excess oil. For chronically dry skin, bathing in sea salt solutions has been shown to improve the skin’s resilience and hydration, and to reduce inflammation and tenderness. Using a soothing salt scrub exfoliate sand removes impurities from oily or sensitive skin, and is especially good for treating psoriasis and combatting acne. Furthermore, thenatural antiseptic properties of Dead Sea salt help curb skin infections as well.

Unlike steroids, antibacterial washes or soaps, antibiotics, or expensive prescriptions, Dead Sea products are less likely to trigger immune reactions, side effects, or additional problems for your skin. When you’re already dealing with the need to heal and repair, this additional “safety” measure can be priceless!

Taking the Plunge

If this sounds intriguing, you’ll find a bevy of options to help you get started. You can use these products in forms ranging from “mud soaps” and shampoos to scented bath salts, and can give yourself a pampering from headtotoe. Just browse the abundant offerings at Jesus Boat, and see how this connection to the Holy Land can make your skin glow as it never has before!

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