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Ring Buying Guide: The Importance of the Correct Size

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Getting a ring to wear from the Holy Land is an exciting moment. Whether the ring is for yourself or for a loved one. No matter if you have selected a ring with the scripture “Ani LeDodi VeDodi Li” to wear as a wedding ring, a stylish Rafael Jewelry ring with Eilat Stone or one of the other beautiful rings at JesusBoat.com, it has been tenderly  selected with care, love and guided by the Word of God.

The style, the symbolism, the scripture is all of utmost importance when selecting a ring. However, many people forget an often overlooked detail: the ring size.

While it may not seem terribly crucial in the moment, after all, aren’t rings sizable? It is actually an important factor. If the ring is being purchased as a gift, wouldn’t trying to determine the perfect size beforehand would ultimately ruin the surprise? However, buying a ring that the recipient cannot immediately wear could result in being detrimental to the joy of gift giving experience.  

The issue is twofold. First, not all rings can be resized. It truly depends on the style of the ring, and so it is better to assume that the ring cannot be resized. The other is that for rings that cannot be resized, they can always be returned for an exchange. However, the time it takes for two international deliveries can also be disappointing to the recipient.  

In an ideal world, you would like to surprise your loved one with a perfectly fitting ring. Or if the ring is a present to yourself, you would like to start showing off your beautiful Holy Land purchase as soon as possible. Therefore, we advise that you do not leave the important detail of ring size to chance.

Therefore, we offer you this guide on how to determine your loved one’s ring size without them knowing. Additionally, we have provided a conversion chart so you can figure out the correct size in your local sizing system, then figure out the correct US size to order.

Determining Ring Size

If you are purchasing the ring for a loved one, this is the surest method. Once you have decided which finger the recipient will wear the ring, see if you can find a different ring that fits that size and take it to a reputable jeweler. Ask the jeweler to please size the ring for you.

Once you have the size, if you are in the US or Canada you can just go to the ring you want to purchase, select the correct size and place your order.

If you are outside the US and Canada, first see if the jeweler can tell you the US size. If not, then take the size the jeweler gives you and see the conversion chart below. Once you have determined the correct US size you can go to the ring you want to purchase, select the correct size and place your order.

If you cannot take the ring to a jeweler, then you can very carefully measure the inside diameter of the ring in millimeters (mm). It needs to be millimeters because the measurement needs to be precise and inches are too difficult to accurately measure the fractions. Once to have the measurement in mm, see our size conversion chart to determine the correct US size.

If you cannot find a ring then it would be best if you can inquire as to the ring size.

If the ring is for you and you don’t know your ring size you can go to a reputable jeweler and have them size your finger.

For those outside the US and Canada please see the conversion chart below to determine the correct US size to order.

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