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Pray for Jerusalem


The Lions in Jerusalem

Celebrate Jerusalem Day

1967 found the fledgling Jewish state of Israel in peril. To her south the powerful Egyptian army amassed thousands of tanks, to her north Syrian heavy guns were already shelling civilian settlements and to her east the Jordanian army deployed its mechanized brigades and the Iraqi air force prepared its fighter squadrons for attack. While President Nasser of Egypt declared these armies’ objectives were, “the total destruction of Israel,” the world turn their heads, no one coming to the aid of our small strip of democracy.


Israel’s military commanders and Prime Minister Eskol took Nasser’s threat seriously and launched a preemptive strike, much to the shock of the threatening nations. In six astounding days Israel managed to rout the aggressing armies and won a decisive land war. By the end of the six days Israel took control of new lands including the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza from Egypt, the Golan Heights from Syria and the West Bank from Jordan.


While these newly gained lands tripled Israel’s land mass, there was another victory that meant more to the State of Israel than all the other lands combined… Jerusalem.


IDF paratroopers were ordered to enter the Old City upon Defense Minister Moshe Dayan learning the UN was about to force a ceasefire.


The paratroopers fought hand to hand combat without armored reinforcement so the Old City would not be damaged. They liberated the Old City and were so overcome with joy the soldiers sang, danced and cried at the Western Wall.


Immediately after the battle the symbol of Israel’s fighting forces, Moshe Dayan, along with the IDF’s 55th Paratroop Brigade triumphantly entered the Old City through Lion’s Gate. They raised the Israeli flag over the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. For the first time in 2000 years Judaism’s holiest sites were back under Jewish control.





The Symbolic Lion

Following the Six Day War, the Kinesset declared that the flag of the Jerusalem would be the official flag of the reunified Jerusalem. The flag features two blue stripes and the Emblem of Jerusalem – the Lion of Judah set against the Western Wall. These images exemplify the different sides of the city – its religious significance, its cultural heritage and its mighty strength.


The lion is a powerful symbol of perseverance, courage and heroism. The lion has long been associated with Jerusalem. It is the symbol of the tribe of Judah which has come to represent the Jewish nation as a whole. The lion adorned Solomon’s Temple and the throne within.


Today lions decorate Jerusalem’s city hall and symbolize Jerusalem herself. The Lion of Judah is meaningful for anyone who wishes to show their love of Jerusalem, the strength and support of the Jewish people and honor the lineage that stretches back to Genesis.

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Every year on this date in the Hebrew calendar, 28 Iyar, Jerusalem Day, we celebrate the tremendous victory of the Six Day War. Jerusalem has been the epicenter of the Jewish community for more than 3000 years and today a complete Jerusalem still stands as the capital of the modern State of Israel. Those paratroopers in 1967 fought like lions to win her back. We thank God for this and as always we Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.


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