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Thoughts about the Dead Sea


The Lowest Place with a Higher Purpose



The Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth. It has the highest salinity rate of any body of water in the world. It is ten times more salty than any ocean and twice as salty as the Great Salt Lake located in northern Utah. There is little to no sign of life anywhere around the water: no trees, no flowers, no animals. There isn’t even any fish in these waters; even salt water fish swim for higher waters.

The Dead Sea is a very special, yet very strange place. Here is a sea, but is it not life giving like all other bodies of water – fresh water bodies give us water to drink, other salt water bodies give us a plethora of food. The Dead Sea gives us neither. But that doesn’t mean it has no purpose. As anyone with Faith knows, the Almighty's reasons are often not obvious and must be revealed. As it is said in Daniel 2:22, "He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him."

Why would God give us such a place? Maybe He has given the world this gift of a place to heal the body –. It could also be a place to heal the soul. Nevertheless, God’s presence is all around us at the Dead Sea.

The exceptional physical factor of the Dead Sea is its mineral rich waters making them incredibly nourishing. For thousands of years it has been a blessing to people with skin issues. People have flocked to the Dead Sea from around the world seeking those healing waters. Today the Dead Sea can com to you, just ask any woman or man whose hair and skin has been soothed and pampered by the Dead Sea products produced there and available the world over.

When you enter the Dead Sea the water feels odd, it is very warm, heavy and oily. As you walk out, the salt lifts you from the seabed making it impossible to touch down. It is a little disturbing in the beginning, but when you relax it is an amazingly comforting sensation: the hot sun on your face, just floating in temperate, nourishing waters. This encounter can be spiritual and nourishment for the soul. Only God could have created a place to give someone an unique experience such as this. 

We can also think of the Dead Sea as a metaphor for our own person low life points. When we reach the very lowest points, He reassures us with His love and nurturing. Like the waters of the Dead Sea He holds us up in warmth and comfort.





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