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How The Jewish National Fund Provides Christmas Trees for Christians in the Holy Land

It is one of the most fascinating annual traditions that have developed in the Holy Land: every year as Christmas approaches, Christians who live in Israel – foreign correspondents, staff members of different embassies, and Christian residents of the country - receive large, elegant Christmas trees from a Jewish organization. The name of this organization is the Jewish National Fund (JNF), although it is better known in its Hebrew name: Keren Kayemet LeYisrael (KKL).



The KKL-JNF organization was founded in 1901 as means to purchase lands in the Holy Land for the future establishment of the Holy Land. The fund's activities became more diverse as years passed, and one of its major areas of activity since the 1930s is planting trees and maintaining the forests of the Holy Land. To this day, Israel is one of the few countries where new forests are being planted and the KKL-JNF is recognized as one of the country's leading environmental organizations.

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The KKL-JNF's activities created a strong link between the Zionist vision and the forests of the Holy Land. Unauthorized uprooting of trees in Israel is legally forbidden, and getting permission for such uprooting is a complex procedure (usually involving a commitment to plant a substitute tree elsewhere). As a Zionist organization, however, the KKL-JNF also deeply respects the customs and cultures of the Holy Land's non-Jewish residents. For this reason, it took upon itself to distribute Christmas trees among Israel's Christian residents and guests. Of the trees that can grow in the Holy Land, an Arizona Cypress was chosen for distribution as a Christmas tree due to its strength and durability. The Arizona Cypresses that are meant to serve as Christmas trees are especially planted by the people of the KKL-JNF and are taken care of for a period of two years. When the tree reaches a height of two meters, they are distributed to organizations and private individuals who celebrate Christmas. 

The distribution of Christmas trees by the KKL-JNF, a Jewish and Zionist organization, symbolizes the tolerance and respect that modern Israel shows to all the Holy Land's residents.

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