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The Lone Soldiers of Israel













The Lone Soldier


Imagine a pull so strong, a yearning so unfilled, that you know in your heart you must leave the comforts of your home, the family that you love and the only way of life you have ever known.


You leave for a far-off land in which you don't speak the language, you don't know the customs and you have no family. But you know deep inside that it is the right choice for you. You believe so strongly in this far-off place that you know you must defend it, possibly with your life.


This is what it is to be one of Israel's Lone Soldiers.


In Hebrew the term is חייל בודד‎, Hayal Boded. Lone Soldiers consist of courageous young men and women who have "made aliyah" (immigrated) alone to Israel. They also are Israeli born soldiers who are serving in the IDF without the support or encouragement of their family.


The majority of Lone Soldiers are highly motivated soldiers who serve in combat units and they are certainly serving in the current Gaza campaign. Their enthusiasm for Israel and the IDF is uplifting.



Our Inspiration


Lone Soldiers Max Steinberg z"l and Nissim Sean Carmeli z"l were two brave young men raised in the United States who made the ultimate sacrifice for Israel. At JesusBoat.com we are inspired by them to help other young men and women who have chosen to become Lone Soldiers.


If this is something you too would like to support, we are offering a place on JesusBoat.com to make a donation. 100% of all contributions collected will be donated to The Lone Soldier Center. 


You can make a donation in $10 increments and also write a brief message to a Lone Soldier.


The "Lone Soldier Center in memory of Michael Levin" is a wonderful organization where Lone Soldiers get emotional, social and material help before, during and after their IDF service. 





How to make a donation to a Lone Soldier



Click the link.


Change the "quantity" to change the amount of your donation (donations are taken in increments of $10).


Write a message to a soldier in space provided.


Check out with a credit card or PayPal.


We will email you and Invoice Receipt for your records.



Click here.







You may have noticed the letters z"l after the names of the soldiers.


z"l or ז"ל is an abbrebiation for 

זיכורנו לברכה

pronounced zikornu l'bracha.


It means "in blessed memory". It is Jewish custom to add this after the writen name of the deceased or to say the phrase when mentioned in conversation.


It is meant to emphasis how someone's life continues to impact the world even after they are gone.

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Photos courtesy of the Lone Soldier Center website



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