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DIY Dead Sea Skincare Guide for Face and Body

For thousands of years, the Dead Sea has attracted visitors from all over the world who have used its minerals, mud, and salt to improve the health and beauty of their skin.

In fact, it was used by King Herod as the planet’s first health resort. The Book of Samuel records King Solomon giving the Queen of Sheba Dead Sea salts when she visited the Holy Land.

Cleopatra, who many considered the most beautiful woman of her time, asked Mark Anthony for dominion over the Dead Sea region, and demanded that cosmetic factories be built to harvest its miraculous ingredients.

Even in this day and age, when large factories churn out skin, nail, and healthcare products by the ton, countless people all over the world prefer the time-tested benefits found in the Dead Sea.

Dead Sea Skincare Isn’t Complicated

The good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to improve how you look and feel as Dead Sea Products are incredibly affordable. You also don’t need to follow a complicated beauty regimen. With Dead Sea Products, you can use a DIY (Do It Yourself) approach to get amazing results.

Bathing in Dead Sea Salt Will Give You Softer, Stronger Skin

This may sound like a fantastic claim, but research into the benefits of Dead Sea Salt shows that the magnesium contained in the salt will supercharge your skincare routine. Bathing in the salt can:

  • Hydrate your skin

  • Make it smooth to the touch

  • Reduce any inflammation

Perhaps most amazing is the fact that Dead Sea salt strengthens skin barrier function. Consequently, while your skin is looking better and becoming smoother than ever, it will also build up protection against irritants, pollutants, microorganisms, and other external threats.

Most women need to buy several different products to get this array of results, and many are still left disappointed.

On the other hand, Dead Sea Salts have been proven to work and couldn’t be easier to use. Simply add them to a relaxing bath. All it takes is 15 minutes (but no one will blame you for soaking a bit longer!)

Dead Sea Mud Is a Superfood for Your Skin

If you’ve ever been to the Dead Sea, you’ve probably witnessed hundreds of people lathering themselves up in its mud – literally covering their entire bodies. This is because Dead Sea mud is amazing for your skin. It’s like a superfood that goes on the outside.

The mud from this part of the world is also rich in magnesium, as well as phosphates, bromides, sodium, and other minerals.

One very interesting reason why this mud is especially beneficial – and better than the versions sold at your local department store – is that it is packed with antimicrobial properties. This explains why so many people recommend it for getting rid of acne. The mud literally kills the bacteria that cause it. It doesn’t hurt that this mud will also make your skin extremely smooth.

This unique mud will also do the following:

  • Extract toxins and impurities from deep within your skin

  • Remove dead skin cells

  • Stimulate circulation, giving you a more youthful and even tone

Don’t worry if the mud gets in your hair. Women all over the world use it as a conditioner to lock in moisture and deliver minerals to every follicle.

The DIY method of using Dead Sea mud is extremely simple. You can either apply a simple mud mask to your face, smear the mud over your entire body, or use Dead Sea mud soap to get the desired effect. No expensive spa day required!

There Are Four Reasons Dead Sea Minerals Lead to Healthier Skin

Surely by now you have learned that the Dead Sea is not lacking in minerals. However, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium have proven to be essential for better skin, hair, and nails. Here is a quick summary of their benefits:

Magnesium increases the circulation in your skin and keeps it looking young. It even combats fluid retention.

Calcium is obviously important for healthy bones, nails, and skin. However, it also increases circulation and helps to decrease fluid retention.

Adding potassium to your skincare regimen will help you feel replenished and energized. It also works as a great skincare aid right after an intense workout.

Using Dead Sea sodium will give you smoother, better-hydrated skin, and will reduce any inflammation.   

Despite what you may have been told in the past, enjoying beautiful skin on your face and body doesn’t need to cost a fortune or involve a complicated plan. The Dead Sea gives you everything you need for smoother, younger-looking skin. A DIY routine is all it takes to enjoy the lasting benefits of these marvelous minerals.

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