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Dead Sea Products in the Treatment of Psoriasis and other Skin Conditions

Everyone wants healthier, better-looking skin. If you’ve tried using department store products in the past and have found yourself disappointed with the results, it’s time to consider what Dead Sea products could do for your skin. This is especially true for those suffering from psoriasis and other skin conditions.

The Truth About Healthy Skin

Beautiful skin is only possible when you reach the right equilibrium of sodium and potassium; fluid balance within the body is important too. All of these are controlled by adrenal glands, which have a direct impact on kidney function, which, in turn, controls 28 chemicals in the body.

An imbalance of these chemicals often results in certain skin conditions or symptoms that may lead to chronic diseases over an extended period. When these chemicals are in balance, the result is a feeling of relaxation, health, and general well-being.

Dead Sea products are known for their medicinal benefits because the Dead Sea has a maximum 29% saline concentration. Some of the minerals contained in Dead Sea products are:

  • Magnesium, which is an anti-allergen

  • Calcium and Bromine, which relax the muscles

  • Bitumen, which has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and contributes to its photosensitivity.

Dead Sea products are therefore recommended for treating psoriasis, vulgaris, arthritis, acne, mycosis, atopic dermatitis, sclerodermas, eczema, par psoriasis group, and other forms of skin disease and disorders.

Life without Psoriasis Is Possible

The main symptom of psoriasis is inflamed swollen skin lesions covered in a silvery white scale. People who have psoriasis are often embarrassed by it, even though it’s a genetic disorder they couldn’t have prevented.

The good news is that Dead Sea products have proven to be effective for many psoriasis sufferers. These products stretch the skin tissues, improve blood circulation, and remove toxins from the skin. Dead Sea bath salts improve the chemical imbalances of the skin and restore its natural pH level. The products relieve psoriasis symptoms and increase the remission period for many who suffer from this condition.

Eliminating Eczema with Dead Sea Products  

Eczema is a dry and itchy skin condition that afflicts people of all ages and varies in its severity. For mild cases, dry, scaly, and itchy red lesions appear on the skin. In more severe cases, patients experience skin crusting, weeping, and bleeding. That’s because, even though the afflicted person knows better, it can be nearly impossible to resist scratching and, thus, spreading the infection.   

Fortunately, Dead Sea products can once again help. The combination of potassium, magnesium, iron, bromide, and other minerals has been shown to improve the skin’s health to the point that eczema virtually disappears completely.

Conquering Chronic Acne

Like other skin conditions, chronic acne is genetic and caused by a hormonal imbalance. It’s also the sort of condition that can greatly reduce one’s self-confidence and cripple their social life.

Because of their numerous skin-friendly properties, Dead Sea products have proven successful in treating acne, stopping the growth of bacteria, and restoring clear and healthy skin. For those who have suffered from chronic acne for years, it can give them their life and self-confidence back.

Regular usage of Dead Sea products can even help fight the signs of aging. For example, when Dead Sea salt is used correctly, it reduces overactive cellular growth, thus diminishing inflammation considerably.

Dead Sea products have impressive visible results when used in the treatment of psoriasis and eczema, such as improved skin health and texture.  The stimulating agents inherent in the salts go to work on the right locations, thus enabling Dead Sea salt products to work wonders! If you want healthier skin and are sick of disappointing products, try Dead Sea products for yourself and see why they’re so popular all over the world.

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