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Useful Judaica Terms and Objects that Begin with the Letter N

Literally "prophets" in Hebrew. The second section of the Hebrew Bible that contains the writings of the prophets. The books included in this section are Joshua,  Judges,  Samuel,  Kings,  Isaiah,  Jeremiah,  Ezekial,  The Twelve (minor prophets which include Hosea,  Joel,  Amos,  Obadiah,  Jonah,  Micah,  Nahum,  Habakkuk,  Zephaniah,  Haggai,  Zechariah,  Malachi )


The first month of the Jewish calendar. Nisan usually occurs in March to April in the Gregorian calendar. Nisan is called the month of Aviv in the Torah, referring to when the barley is ripe. The holidays Passover and Yom HaShoah occur in this month. 

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