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Olive Wood from the Holy Land – Enduring Treasures

What is the significance of Olive Wood products?

The olive tree embodies the Holy Land more so than any other plant. The olive tree is enduring and steadfast just like the Holy Land. The olive tree is prominent in the Bible, bearing different symbols and messages. The olive leaf the dove returned to Noah in Genesis signified G-d’s covenant. In Solomon’s Temple the Holy of Holies, “In the inner sanctuary he made a pair of cherubim of olive wood” I Kings 6:23. Yeshua and his disciples prayed under an olive tree in Garden of Gethsemane at the foot of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem the night before the crucifixion according to Luke 22:43–44. And in Romans 11 the olive tree is used as an icon meaning those who believe in the one, true G-d are grafted in together like a wild olive tree branch grafted into a cultivated olive tree.

Where does the wood used to make olive wood products come from?

Olive wood is native to the Holy Land. There are olive trees in the Holy Land that are thousands of years old.  The trees in the Garden of Gethsemane date back over 2000 years. Olive trees are grown throughout the region in particular in the hills by Jerusalem and in the Galilee. As in Israel it is illegal to destroy a Biblical tree, the olive tree is not cut down to produce any of the lovely olive wood products. All products are made from the prunings of the olive trees. “Prunings” are the branches cut from the tree to allow its healthy growth.

How are olive wood products made?

About 400 years ago Franciscan monks began teaching residents of Bethlehem the art of carving Holy Land Olive wood. Over the centuries the art of olive wood carving has been perfected, passed down from generation to generation. Today modern technology somewhat speeds the process but still each piece of olive wood has to be carved by hand by a skilled craftsman with at least 6 or 7 years of training to get a quality product. The care and craftsmanship that goes into carving Holy Land Olive wood is obvious when you hold an olive wood product up close.

What are some of the olive wood products available?

Olive wood products available from the online Jesus Boat shop include olive wood boxes, olive wood nativities, olive wood crucifix and olive wood rosaries. There are also magnets, candle holders and various decorative pieces.

Olive wood boxes come in three sizes and shapes. Each olive wood box is engraved with a religious image. Olive wood boxes can be used for jewelry, keepsakes or just as a decorative element in your house.

Olive wood nativities and Christmas ornaments are particularly beautiful. Because olive wood is a hardwood with durable characteristics these nativities and ornaments will easily last a lifetime and be enjoyed by your future generations. The online Jesus Boat Shop, JesusBoat.com, has traditional olive wood nativities with moving characters as well as smaller stationary olive wood nativity scenes. Olive wood Christmas ornaments come in varying sizes and designs, all equally beautiful to adorn your tree.

Olive wood crucifixes and crosses are a lovely way to enhance the décor of your space. Because of the significance the olive tree played as Jesus prayed before his betrayal, a crucifix or cross made of Holy Land Olive wood or an olive wood rosary is particularly appropriate in remembrance of the crucifixion.

The most special component of our olive wood is that all of the material and crafting comes from the Land of the Bible, the birth place of Yeshua, where He lived, where He ministered, and rose from the dead. We trust you will find our products to be of the highest quality and we pray that each item will be a blessing to all who buy, give, and receive.

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