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Symbolism of the Pomegranate

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Pomegranate in the Bible 

Pomegranate, the “Seeded Apple” (Pomum Granatus in Latin), has captivated the imagination of many cultures since the beginning of history. Its round shape, crown and luscious red color appealed to mankind and ignited imagery associated with the forbidden fruit, fertility, faith, darkness etc.
In the Bible, we know that G-d instructed that pomegranates be woven on the hems of the robe of the High Priest (Cohem Ha’Gadol). They were to be made: “of blue and of purple and of scarlet, round about the hem of it; and bells of gold between them and round about: a golden bell and a pomegranate, a golden bell and a pomegranate, upon the hem of the robe round about” (Exodus 28:33-34). The reason for this was so that the High Priest will be recognized as he approached the Ark of the Covenant and so that he would not be killed.

Pomegranate Symbolism

And so the pomegranate has come to symbolize life and G-d’s commandments. It is believed that the fruit bears six-hundred-and-thirteen seeds – a number that equals the number of commandments given by Him.
It is a symbol of abundance and fertility of both ground and humankind as well as a symbol of life and resurrection in Christianity.

Pomegranate's Properties


The pomegranate fruit is well known today for its health giving properties. Its seeds and juice are filled with anti-oxidants which combat negative and cancerous influences. It has been profusely used in cosmetics as well as in food recipes. One can find excellent pomegranate wines and preserves from designated orchards which cultivate and grow pomegranates exclusively. Such an orchard, for example belongs to “Rimon Winery” whose famous pomegranate wines won international awards.

About our Pomegranate Products

The Jesus Boat store offers Rimon Winery’s pomegranate wines and confitures for any occasion which requires a little bit of sweetness and a bundle of blessings. Other pomegranate items feature the pomegranate fruit as a blessing on jewelry, accessories and Messianic Jewish items of worship.
When the time to celebrate the New Jewish Year arrives, it is customary to eat pomegranates as a blessing for a good and fruitful year. The seeds are delicious when mixed in salads, rice or with some sugar and rum.
We welcome you to visit the pomegranate shop and share the blessing of the Rimon (Pomegranate, in Hebrew).

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