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Religious Gift Ideas by Theme

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What’s hot in Religious Gift Ideas?

Gift giving is one of the most fulfilling things we can do. The gifts that mean the most are the really thoughtful ones. These gifts often become some of our favorite things; they are the items we treasure, love and use.

Often the most special gifts are the ones with a spiritual or inspirational connotation. There are a lot of different religious gift ideas out there. To come up with the perfect inspirational gift it would be best to know what theme in faith inspires the recipient and use that as a basis for purchasing the gift. Here are some gift themes that are popular at the moment.

The Dove of Peace

In today’s turbulent world the Dove of Peace inspires many people of faith. The Dove of Peace can represent peace in the soul, peace in the home or peace in world. The dove is a beautiful white bird and is an appropriately themed gift for anyone who believes in the peace faith teaches. It also would be suitable for anyone who honors the Old Testament and its teachings.


Jerusalem themed gifts are religious gift ideas that are relevant for anyone who loves and supports Israel. Jerusalem is a source of inspiration and the center of spirituality for millions. Gifts about Jerusalem are usually adorned with images of Jerusalem or with scriptures related to Jerusalem. There is a large variety of Israeli merchandise with the Jerusalem theme that is appropriate for both men and women.

Ichthys (Jesus Fish)

Gifts with the Ichthys symbol, commonly called a Jesus Fish, makes wonderful gifts for the Believer. The Ichthys symbol was adopted by early Christians as a way to show faith. Religious gift ideas that feature the Jesus Fish include jewelry and olive wood products. Giving a gift with the fish symbol is a timeless way to display that you also support the recipient's faith.




For those who don’t want traditional religious symbols, there is plenty of Israeli merchandise that features symbols such as the pomegranate. In Jewish culture the pomegranate is a symbol of righteousness and wisdom. In the Bible the pomegranate was depicted on the pillars which stood in front of the Temple built by Solomon (I Kings 7:13-22). Gifts featuring a pomegranate are great for anyone who would want a more unusual inspirational gift. 

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