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Scripture Jewelry: An excellent way to share your faith

Believers have a special responsibility to share and express their faith. With the pressures of daily life, this responsibility can get lost in the all the other everyday jobs. However, there are excellent, simple ways to share faith every day. One way is to wear faith related jewelry such as scripture jewelry.

Jewelry is a way we all express our individuality. Much about whom someone is and what they believe can be conveyed in the jewelry they choose to wear. This is very much the case with inspirational jewelry. Faith related jewelry combines the expression of faith and personal style. Your jewelry may inspire someone to ask you about what the piece means. This gives you the opportunity to tell that person to not only the meaning of the piece, but what the L-rd means to you.

Scripture jewelry is one branch of inspirational jewelry. This is jewelry which is designed to express certain Biblical verses. Some scripture jewelry is literal and the words of the verse form the design of the piece. Some, on the other hand, are more abstract and the meaning of the verse is portrayed in pictorial elements.

Furthermore, Bible verse jewelry is special because it enables the wearer to literally put G-d’s Word on her heart as is written in Psalms 119:11, “Your word have I laid up in my heart, that I might not sin against You.” No matter which design suits your personal style, these pieces easily proclaim the faith of the wearer.

Wearing inspiring Bible verse jewelry can be an excellent way to share one’s faith. This is particularly true if the piece is well-made and eye-catching. Beautiful jewelry is always noticed by others and often complimented. When a faith related jewelry piece is complimented, it opens the door to start a dialogue about your beliefs. This light conversation could inspire the other person to explore their personal faith more. Just remember that when you talk about your faith be open, honest and relaxed. You want to invite this person to share your faith!

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