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The Objects of Messianic Judaism


Those who practice Messianic Judaism as their chosen religious path accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah. This fundamental belief as well as Christian practices such as Baptism and Communion is combined with Jewish holidays, objects and some customs. For example, Messianics celebrate all Jewish holidays and the Jewish Sabbath, however, less follow traditions such as kosher eating. They use many traditionally Jewish ritual objects in their worship. Items such as Menorahs, Mezuzahs, Tallits and Kippas very typically will be found in Jewish homes and places of worship.


As Believers come to the Messianic way of life they need to learn new traditions and the meaning of new symbols. After visiting a Messianic congregation and deciding that being Messianic is the correct spiritual path for them, they need to start the journey of the actual practice. The first stop is often a Messianic Shop to look for those objects necessary to begin their new spiritual path.


Messianic Shops can be found in larger cities, however, if there is not on in your area the online Messianic Shop is an excellent alternative. Often online Messianic Shops have more variety and options than Messianic Stores.


Frequently the first step taken by a newly Messianic person is wearing a kippah. The kippah, also called the yarmulke, is the small round skullcap worn by Jewish men. Wearing a kippah is a subtitle but important way to show their new spiritual path. The use of other objects follows. For example, the tallit or prayer shawl is very popular amongst Messianic. The tallit is used in prayer and Messianic enjoy the experience of wrapping themselves in the Holy Spirit while praying.


At most Messianic shops you can also find objects that are not necessarily for the practice of Messianic Judaism, but are very nice to have as a Messianic. These include Messianic jewelry, Messianic t-shirts and Messianic Music. These items are not essential for religious practice; however, they are a big part of the Messianic lifestyle.


One connecting element in all Messianic items is the use of the Messianic symbol the “Grafted In”. This symbol combines a menorah, Star of David and the Jesus Fish into on cohesive icon. The Grafted In can be found on menorahs, mezuzahs, tallits, jewelry, t-shirts – just about any object that interests a Messianic Believer. Objects with this symbol display exactly what your belief system is.

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