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Roman Glass Bracelets

Roman Glass jewelry is mysterious and beautiful. It is created from glass that was formed 2000 years ago into useful objects such as bowls cups, bowls, vases and pitchers. While Roman glass is found in all the lands contained within the ancient Roman Empire, it is most commonly found in the Judean Desert of Israel.


Roman glass is commonly aqua colored. This is the natural color of Roman glass; however the color was intensified by adding copper. As a result of the Roman glass being buried in the soils for so much time the copper in the glass oxidized and form a beautiful incrustation on the surface. This is called a patina and esteemed as being of high ornamental value when used in jewelry designs.


Roman glass bracelets set in sterling silver are stunning pieces. Christian, Jewish and Messianic Roman glass jewelry is very meaningful in that not only does it feature highly regarded symbols of faith, but it is created from materials of the Holy Land.


All Roman glass jewelry found on JesusBoat.com is inlaid with authentic Roman glass. Each piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. It is definitely jewelry to be loved and honored for years by the wearer.

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