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Messianic Jewelry

Messianic Jewish jewelry is one of the most thoughtful gifts that can be given to those who are exploring the Jewish roots of their faith. Whether the recipient is practicing Messianic Judaism or Christian and discovering the Jewish foundation of the religion of Jesus, wearing a Messianic symbol is meaningful.


The most common and well known Messianic symbol is the Grafted In. This symbol is based on the scriptures of Romans 11:17-31 such as in verse 19, “Then you will say, “Branches were broken off so that I might be grafted in.”” The Grafted In consists of a menorah which blends into a Star of David which blends into an Ichthys (Fish of Christ). This symbols is also called the Messianic Seal of Jerusalem and very common amongst those who follow Hebraic-roots.


Another symbol, a little less common, but still a very powerful representation is the Messianic Star. This is formed by placing a cross in the center if a Star of David. This symbol is popular amongst Christians exploring their Jewish root because it accurately reflects their religious view. They understand the Yeshua’s Judaism and how it shaped Christianity.


There are other designs that reflect the Messianic beliefs such as wearing the name “Yeshua” written in Hebrew as this is the Aramaic name of Jesus. Another clever design is the name Jesus formed in the shape of a Star of David.


No matter which symbol is preferred, wearing a Messianic symbol is an important part of declaring and sharing your faith.

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