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Judaica and Jewish Roots

All types of Judaica is for sale at JesusBoat.com, the original shop of the Jesus Boat Museum. Our online Jesus Boat Shop offers a wide variety of Judaica and Messianic Jewish products including shofars, menorahs, mezuzahs, prayer shawls, yarmulkes and Torah scrolls. The Judaica offered from JesusBoat.com is high quality and genuine.

What is Judaica?

Judaica is all the objects used in the Jewish faith. These objects help us celebrate the Almighty and abide by his laws. For example, the mezuzah helps us to fulfill the commandment to write His name on our doorposts as written in Deuteronomy 11:20. The prayer shawl is used to complete the commandment to wear fringes on our garments as in Numbers 15:37-41. So when we ask, “what is Judaica?” we are asking about the very essence of how G-d is honored and obeyed in Judaism. 

Messianic Judaism also uses Judaica. The question, “What is Judaica?” is a common one when people just begin to explore their Jewish Roots. Messianic Jewish products are the same, however, often these objects are decorated with Messianic symbols such as the Grafted In and the Messianic Star.

How can Judaica help me explore my Jewish Roots?




One of the first ways people begin to explore their Jewish Roots is through the practice of celebrating Jewish holidays and keeping the Sabbath on Saturday. To accomplish this, the use of Judaica products is essential. Often a prayer shawl and yarmulke, in Hebrew tallit and kippah respectfully, are the first pieces of Judaica obtained when one commences the journey towards their Jewish Roots.

Judaica is a public way to express your quest for your Jewish Roots. Keeping a mezuzah on your doorpost, wearing a yarmulke, or having a menorah in your window shows the world that you are a Believer who walks with the chosen people. It can help you spread the word. When asked about the Judaica, you can take this opportunity to tell others of your journey to your Jewish Roots and encourage them to do the same. 

Does this Judaica online store offer items for Believers?

JesusBoat.com offers Judaica for anyone who is interested in owning it. We welcome people of all beliefs to come and explore our Judaica products. However, JesusBoat.com does specialize in being a Messianic store. Our mission is to bring Judaica to Believers over the world. While we do not have exclusively Messianic Jewish products, we strive to supply more to the Believer than any other Messianic store. 

Why should I buy Judaica products online from JesusBoat.com?

The best reason to buy Messianic Jewish products online from JesusBoat.com is because everything comes from the Holy Land. All orders are processed and shipped right here in The Galilee of Israel, the location of Yeshua’s ministry. We have 30 years of experience in supplying Judaica to Believers. We operate the original Jesus Boat Shop located at Nof Ginosar in the Galilee. The Jesus Boat Shop is a must-see stop on numerous Holy Land pilgrimages. 

The online Jesus Boat Shop, JesusBoat.com, offers the same great products, service and experience as the Jesus Boat Shop in Israel. Therefore, when you buy Judaica products online from JesusBoat.com you know you are getting something special to facilitate your spiritual walk.
Judaica offered by JesusBoat.com includes:
Kippahs / Yarmulkes
Torah Scrolls


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