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Have an Israeli Summer

It’s that time again; the excitement is palpable and rising along with the simulated mercury in your weather app.  Kids are restless with the imminent feeling of freedom taking hold of their faculties, and the grownups feel a break coming on too. We don’t need a calendar to tell us that summer is in the air!  It’s getting hot and we know why, everyone’s favorite season is upon us and with it comes the notion of endless fun.
             Here in Israel summer is all but in full swing. Schools are about to close for “the big vacation,” water parks have long since opened, and tents line the beaches of any body of water.  The flipflops are out, the sleeves off, the days long and the pants short – everyone loves the uniform for summer. After a winter of replenishing rain, the Sea of Galilee is back in business and eager to break the mirror like surface.  Ripples form as the morning swimmers cut the tension and in their wake the boats and kayaks follow. Locals and tourists alike are getting up about now and wondering what to do with the beautiful day ahead of them. 
            In Israel summer is synonymous with fun, but with a grain of salt. Work carries on six days a week, but instead of hiding out in a down blanket den, we’re out and about with a spring in our step as soon as we have the free time. Weekends are usually family fun days, with cars packed with all the supplies for a picnic or day trip to the beaches or other fun camping sites. The kids can be seen splashing around in shallows or running through the bushes while the food is being prepared, and the portions are not meager by any means. Where there’s a table (or not) there’s an abundance of homemade salads spread in a feast like manner, threatening the menus of some restaurants. "Smoke on the water", indeed you can see the tendrils floating about the tents and the intoxicating aroma of kabobs on the grill fills the nostrils of any passerby. In fact the passerby is often invited to partake in the festivities of just another weekend, perhaps adding a musical note or two with his/her guitar and swapping stories of the good old days. With belts loosened a little and the fire burning low, a plump watermelon comes out in the role of a healthy dessert and good way to keep hydrated. It won’t be long before the food settles and the children are back to fun and games, allowing the adults time to lean back and take advantage of the lazy afternoon. 
            Here in Galilee even the birds know that it’s summer, reminded to share the sky with kite-surfers and hang gliders.  Travelers in the area are always welcome to make a pit-stop at the Jesusboat shop to cool off and refuel with an ice coffee, replace the treading with some IDF sandals and grab some great t-shirts. Travelers abroad can find all the summer gear they need at the Jesusboat.com website with souvenirs native to the holy land. 
What are you waiting for?
Have an Israeli summer day! 

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