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Gifts from Israel: Faithful Keepsakes from the Holy Land

Israel, the Land of Bible, is a place like none other in the world. Supporting Israel is an act of faith and a dedication to the plan G-d has for Israel to be a light amongst the nations. Small reminders of Israel can serve to keep her in the forethoughts of all supporters. An Israel gift is the perfect way to show your support of Israel. Placing an Israel flag or souvenir magnet from Israel in your home or having an Israel key chain with a Star of David can seem like a small gesture, but it speaks volumes to the love in your heart.

Holy Land Gifts

Holy Land Gifts are fun items that represent the essence of the Holy Land. It will give the recipient a great deal of joy to have these small keepsakes from the land of Israel.  Israel souvenir magnets make delightful Holy Land Gifts with their fun illustrations of places and things in Israel. Israel patches and Israel flag pins are also make lovely gifts from the Holy Land. The Israel flag pins look great on the lapel of a suit or on a blouse. Israel patches are nice for backpacks and jackets. Holy Land gifts are the perfect way to show support of Israel.

Inspirational Israel Gifts

Inspirational gifts sooth the soul and touch the heart. They are items that have a special meaning for the recipient and will send their spirits soaring. One most inspirational Israel gift available at the original Jesus Boat Store website, JesusBoat.com, is to Plant a Tree in Israel. It is an ideal gift for all lovers of Israel. You have the tree planted for someone and receive a beautiful certificate to give them. Inspirational Israel gifts can deeply inspire and invigorate commitment to Israel. Other Israel gifts to consider include Biblical Bookmarks with inspiring scripture and scenes of the Holy Land and Israel flags because of they are the most inspiring symbol of Israel. Inspirational gifts from Israel will put a smile on the face of any recipient.

Religious Gifts

Religious gifts could include any item, no matter the size, that carries a symbol of faith, Biblical image or scripture. Religious gifts are an outstanding way to celebrate someone’s faith. Israel keychains with different symbols of faith such as a Christian fish keychain, Star of David keychain or a Messianic symbol Grafted In keychain are all simple, but excellent religious gifts from Israel. Biblical bookmarks with images from the Bible and scriptures can make wonderful religious gifts. Anyone who participates in Bible study can appreciate a Biblical bookmark to keep their place in the Bible. Religious gifts are special in that they carry a spiritual significance which embodies one’s faith.

Israel gifts can be given for almost any occasion: birthday, holidays, bat/bar mitzvahs, or just for fun. The original Jesus Boat Shop website, JesusBoat.com, offers a wonderful assortment of Holy Land gifts, inspirational gifts and religious gifts that are both meaningful and economical. 

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