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To Him Be the Glory: In the Midst of the Congregation (Audio CD)

To Him Be the Glory: In the Midst of the Congregation CD - 17 tracks of songs in Hebrew. Worship songs by Elisheva Shomron

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CD To Him be the Glory In the Midst of the Congregation - Elisheva Shomron

Worship songs in Hebrew.

1. Lo Hakavod B´Kerev Hakehila
2. Mal´ach Adonai
3. Uf´duyei Adonai Yashuvun
4. Imdu Bi
5. Adonai M´nat Chelki v´kosi
6. Adonai Li
7. Chasdei Adonai Ki Lo Tamnu
8. Elinai Tamid El Adonai
9. Adonai Ro
10. HaCherut
11. Ata Adonai Magen Ba´adi
12. Ahava Ko Adira
13. Hu
14. LaOhev Otanu
15. Av Harachamim
16. Rak Ata
17. Lo Hakavod

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