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Music and Video from the Holy Land: Fill Your Senses with Faith

In addition to the rich history of the land, the Bible is also filled with poems, psalms and literary work of art that aims to capture the emotions of the writers such as David, Solomon, the sons of Korah, and the even Moses. It is not unusual for an individual who might desire to delve deeper on these things about Israel. You can experience the beauty of the Holy Land from afar by watching a documentary and listening to actual psalms or even traditional Hebrew folk songs to enhance your spiritual walk.

Inspirational CDs from Israel

Music can have a powerful effect on the listener. It can inspire, energize and captivate. Music that is made in the praise of Godcan help listeners achieve a closer union with the Almighty. It gives voice to the multitudes and takes the message of Godto the world.

King David is considered by most believers to be one of the greatest worshippers who ever walked this earth. In fact, God even called him “a man after God’s own heart.” David expressed his worship through writing psalms and playing musical instruments.

Listening to the actual singing of those psalms can bring soothing and healing experience in the heart. Also, today, we have modern worshippers like Jonathan Steel who wrote songs of worship to God particularly coming from the Jewish faith of Israel. There is also the music created from the Song of Songs written by Solomon as well as songs for Sabbath rest.

Messianic music is scripture based and reflects the joy that Believers have in their faith.
Holy Land music for the Messianic Believer is a blend of gospel and traditional Jewish music. The messages in the lyrics sing out clearly and include Messianic prophecy, Yeshua, Israel, Hebraic roots, the scriptures or a Hebrew blessing. The incorporation of Hebrew words or phasing into this spiritual music adds a special authenticity to the fact that is truly is Holy Land music. It is sung in both English and Hebrew to communicate the message that can be easily understood yet has an authentic value.

Holy Land music also includes traditional Jewish music such as Klezmer, holiday songs and Israeli folk music. It reflects the places and the people of the Holy Land. From Mount Olives to Caesarea, from the Galilee to the Negev the music of the Holy Land lets the listener experience a musical pilgrimage through the Holy Land. No other music lifts the soul and touches the heart so deeply.

Israel DVDs

Do you want to learn more about the history of Israel, from the time of its formation and the significant events that shaped its civilization? Or perhaps you want to dig deeper about the history of great city of Jerusalem? Or maybe you want to learn more about the Jewish roots of Jesus? Your desire to have a deeper knowledge about these things can be satisfied by watching some DVDs about Israel.

There are DVDs that will discuss in-depth the history of Israel and the history of Jerusalem. There are also DVDs about the wars that the chosen nation needed to face including the Yom Kippur War that was fought by Israel against other Arab states in 1973.

Through these DVDs, you can also learn more about the Temple of Jerusalem, the Masada Fortress and even the 1st Century Galilee boat that Jesus and His disciples rode frequently. Indeed, you can learn a lot of other things related to the nation of Israel through this highly informative DVDs.

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