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Israel Books: Expand your knowledge of the Holy Land


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These days people don’t have a lot of free time. Everyone is working hard to pay the bills and spend more time with family. However, we all need to relax and spend some time just doing something for ourselves. In these quiet moments there is nothing better than a good book. Reading stretches the mind and enhances learning and imagination. Expanding your knowledge and intellect in a topic that interest you can be extremely satisfying.
For those who support the Holy Land and are interested in her history and people reading books from Israel can be quite rewarding. If you want to explore Israeli modern or ancient history Israel places and history Israeli books can teach you about the different periods of history. You can learn how regular people lived and how the elite came to power. If Israeli nature interests you there is a wide variety of Israel nature books that will teach you about the indigenous plants and animals of the Holy Land.
Reading Israeli books will transport you to the places and events you are reading about.  Israeli books about the Six Day War can carry you to 1967 Jerusalem as the battle rages to reunite the city. Reading Josephus’ firsthand account of the Holy Land in the first century transports you to Roman cities and ancient battlefields. Or you could choose Israeli books that serve as a chronological history or atlas supplying you a broad understanding of how all the pieces fit together. All these events are reachable just by opening books from Israel.
The books about Israel and Holy Land are numerous. Not only are there history books, but books about Judaism, Hebrew study, Israeli cookbooks, and… Each of these genres provides a different perspective of Israel and her people. They all have value and the knowledge inside their covers. Choose books that appeal to you and your specific interests.
Reading allows the individual to know the past and understand history. It enables the reader to better understand the world and the events that shaped the world we live in today. Israel is a turbulent place where the truth is often obscured by politics and the news media. Reading history books and other nonfiction works about Israel can give the reader an appreciation of what really happened and why. Being knowledgeable can be the way to peace and understanding.

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