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Israel Cookbooks

An introduction to the cooking of Israel including such traditional recipes as cheese blintzes, turkey schnitzel, felafel in pita, and poppyseed cake.
Also includes information on the geography, customs, and people of the middle eastern country.

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ESRA's Soups and Salads  

Cooking with Soups and Salads will revolutionize your thoughts about soups and salads as 'side dishes' or merely additions to the menu.
The recipes in this versatile collection will stand out in their own right at your table.
In today's busy world, soup and salad are the perfect way to provide your family with meals that are both filling and nutritious, not to mention delicious!
This compilation of over 200 recipes, all original and tested, was prepared by ESRA, whose work throughout Israel on behalf of the English-speaking community is well know.
Using Soups and Salads, you will be amazed by the assortment of recipes, each and every one designed to 'tickle' the taste buds, and at the same time, they are easy and quick to prepare, allowing you the time to savor the tasty result.

ESRA, founded in 1979, is an organization to volunteers committed to serving those in need. Forty community projects in the areas of welfare, education and employment help more than 3000 families in need a year. In addition, ESRA reaches out to its membership by providing educational and cultural activities, support groups and services.

Food at the time of the Bible 

From Adam's Apple to the Last Supper
Includes authentic recipes from the time of Jesus

Was the "forbidden fruit" of the Garden of Eden really an apple? What in the world is St. Peter's Fish? What was in the bowl that Jesus dipped into at the Last Supper? Within the pages of this book you will find a uniqely in-depth and easy-to-read survey of every aspect of food in the Bible, accompanied by fascinating illustration and photographs.

You will learn not only what people ate and drank in Bible days, but how they raised their food, stored it, traded in it and prepared it. You will take a fresh look at food through the eyes of scripture, new and deeper symbolic meanings behind many a menu.

Best of all, you will find an exciting collection of biblically-inspired, easy-to-prepare recipes for a cornucopia of delicious dishes to share with friends and family.

As you enjoy learning about what our biblical ancestors ate, you will find yet another way of coming closer to Bible days and Bible ways. Through this book you will discover that Scripture, the most important inspiration in our spiritual lives, can be an inspiration in the kitchen as well!

Popular food from Israel 

Strolling through the Carmel Market in Tel-Aviv, one be be made pleasantly dizzy by all the colors, flavors shapes and aromas.
Despire all this variety there are some basic ingredients and dishes which are liked by all Israelis and are becoming "national foods". These dished are described in this book. Each recipe was tested in a home kitchen in California using ingredients purchased in supermarkets, health food stores, and Mid-Eastern speciality shops.

This book is both a guide and souvenir. A guide which could be used while in Israel to understand the new foods around you. A souvenir which will enable you to repoduce in your own kitchen those delicious, exotic, and appetizing Israeli dishes.

The Food of Israel 

Authentic recipes from the land of Milk and Honey

The Melting Pot 

A Quick and Easy Blend of Israeli Cuisine
by Tami Lehman-Wilzig and Miriam Blum

It's easy to serve exotic Israeli meals when you follow the somple recipes in "The Melting Pot".
A cookbook designed for home chefs who hate to fuss yet want to make mealtime a savory experience, "The Melting Pot" appetizingly combines a simple cooking approach with some tasty Israeli dishes.

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