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The Bible is the world's best selling book!!!
The Bible is not just one book, but a whole collection! There are 66 books split into two sections.
39 books in the first largest part that called the OLD TESTAMENT. And 27 books in the second part that called NEW TESTAMENT.

The OLD TESTAMENT covers a sweep of history from the creation of the world to about 400 BC.
Its books include poetry and history, prophecy and law. But they all tell the story of God's relationship with his people.

The NEW TESTAMENT covers the amazing life of Jesus, and what followed on. There are four accounts of Jesus' life, called the 'Gospels', written by those who knew Him. Then, in the book called 'Acts' there is the story of how His followers carried His message around the world.

The bible is so unique.
- It was written over a period of 1600 years.
- I was written by more than 40 authors of every sort - kings, poor people, fishermen, poets, government officials, teachers, prophets.
- It was written in three languages.
- It was written on three continents - Asia, Africa, and Europe.
Is there any other book in daily use by millions of people, around the world, parts of which were written over 3000 years ago, yet which still speaks to us today?

There are other writings as old as this, but they are all in museums, and have no relevance to the world today!

Bibles are perfect for holiday gift or for personal use.


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