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Israel Art: A Blending of Cultures and Styles

Israel has always been rich in artistic expression. Influenced from both the West and the East, Israel art has a unique point of view. From Yemenite filigree silver making to the needlepoint of Eastern Europe, from the beautiful architectural work of Solomon’s Temple as described in the Bible to the modernist works of Marc Chagall; Israel artists have always played an important part in Israeli culture. Israel artists have been strongly inspired by Biblical and Zionist subjects. While styles of art in Israel change and evolve, mix and mingle with other cultures, the influence of the Bible and the Land of Israel are a constant. The original Jesus Boat Shop website, JesusBoat.com, features art highlighting both of these influences. 

Modern Biblical Art

Modern Biblical art celebrates and interprets the Bible and its legacy in Jewish and Christian culture. The Bible is one of the greatest influences on world-wide culture. Artistic expression of the Bible includes the representation of Biblical figures and Biblical stories. Most Biblical art is created for the glory of G-d; the artist is expressing love and awe for G-d and His creation through the work. Modern Biblical art can draw on modern technology to make the work accessible and affordable for everyone. For example small Biblical figurines have become very popular amongst those who desire Biblical art. They are lovely ornamental objects with which many people enjoy decorating their homes. Biblical art can also include objects that are useful such as bowls and table settings. This type of art that is both beautiful and functional has become very appealing. 

Modern Israel Art

Modern Israel art draws from renewing old traditions and culture of Judaism and supporting new aspects of Israeli culture. It is a blending of traditional beliefs and new customs that have developed in the re-born State of Israel. An Israel artist creates his art by drawing from his or her Jewish roots, but is always influenced by the modern high-tech culture of modern Israel. Bracha Lavee is an Israel artist that does this very well. Her original Israel art shows the richness of the Holy Land and expresses a deep love for G-d. While her main form of expression is through tapestry, she creates affordable signed prints from her tapestries that are every bit as vibrant and splendid as the originals. As an Israeli artist, Ms. Lavee chooses to focus her work on the place she loves the most – Jerusalem.

Israel Art and You

When purchasing Israel art, Biblical or other it is important to remember to buy what you like. What matters most is that it speaks to you in some way. Whether you choose a Biblical print by Bracha Lavee to hang on your wall or a silver figurine for your living room all that really matters is that you are inspired by the work. Israel art should stir your soul and ultimately help you feel closer to that which you cherish the most.

Israel art is available on JesusBoat.com, the website of the original Jesus Boat store. Come see what inspires you! 
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