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Messianic Pendants

Who uses Messianic Symbols?


Every religion has its own set of symbols used to represent that group. The Messianic and Hebrew-roots movements are no different and have two symbols they particularly identify with. The first and most identifiable is described as the Grafted In also called the Messianic Seal of Jerusalem. The other is the Messianic Star. These symbols have specific meanings and can be in found items that we encounter everyday such as in Hebrew-roots artwork, religious t-shirts and Messianic pendants.


The Grafted In or Messianic Seal of Jerusalem is composed of traditional Jewish and Christian symbols. It is a menorah, Star of David and Ichthys (Jesus fish). This is the most common symbol of Hebraic-roots faiths. The Messianic Star is a Star of David with a Christian Cross in the center of the star.


There actually are two specific groups who identify with Messianic symbols. There are those who categorize themselves as practicing Messianic Judaism. Messianic Judaism is made up of a group of Believes who seek to understand the Jewish Roots of their faith, but additionally strive to live their lives in the traditions as their Messiah lived. This means using Jewish spiritual items such as tallits, kippahs, menorahs and mezuzahs and celebrating Jewish holidays such as the High Holidays, Passover and Hanukkah.


The other group that would be interested using Messianic Symbols is Hebrew-roots Christians. These can actually be individuals from nearly any Christian denomination, but particularly Evangelical and Pentecostal denominations. These are Christians who are searching to comprehend the Messiah’s Jewish roots and how it shaped Christianity.


Those who practice Hebraic-roots faiths are generally enthusiastic about sharing their beliefs. There are many ways to engage others in conversation about Messianic practices. One way is through everyday items. For example clothing, artwork and jewelry with Messianic symbols are a great way to start a conversation. Messianic pendants are a particularly wonderful, yet subtle way to display your Hebrew-roots faith. Whether in gold or in silver both women and men can wear Messianic symbols.


No matter if you declare yourself a Messianic Jew or practice Hebrew-roots Christianity Messianic symbols can be an important part of sharing your faith. If you want to have a dialogue with genuinely interested and receptive people, Messianic pendants, Grafted In t-shirts and other items with Messianic symbols are a great starting point.

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