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Hebrew Name Necklaces

Show your Hebraic Roots with Hebrew Name Necklaces


Your name is part of your identity in the world. It connects you to your family, your culture and even your faith. Our first names are given to us usually by our parents in the first days of life. Most parents spend hour upon hour contemplating what they will name a new baby.


Those who practice a Jewish lifestyle often have two names. The first is their secular name. This is the name on their birth certificate and the name used every day in school and business by friends and family members. The other name is their Hebrew name which is the name by which he or she is known to G-d. This name is sacred and used in prayer and life cycle events.


Traditionally one receives his Hebrew name in the first week of life, however, a Hebrew name can be given at any time. For example, someone who has just come to a Jewish way of life generally takes on a Hebrew name when they make that commitment. Some choose to take on a whole new name, usually a traditional Biblical name or modern Hebrew name and some choose to use their given name or a Hebrew variation of their given name.


For someone who has just come to Hebraic way of life, seeing their name written in Hebrew for the first time is often highly inspirational. Hebrew letters are lovely and learning to read and write your new name or your given name in this beautiful ancient language is part of the amazing process.


A wonderful way to display your religious name is with a Hebrew name necklace. These stylized necklaces are custom-made for each individual. They are a blessing you wear around your neck. No matter which name you choose – Biblical, modern Hebrew, worldly – it will tell the world that you love the Hebrew language.


If your Hebrew Name Necklace is a non-Hebrew name, take care with the spelling. The name will need to be transliterated into Hebrew. It is often best if you have someone who knows Hebrew well write the name before the necklace is created.


For those who have adopted a Hebraic roots faith, a Hebrew name can be like a rebirth. You should search your soul for the most appropriate name as it will be the name by which G-d knows you. 

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