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Religious Decorations

Religious Decorations


The center of life for most families is the home. It is where they most often eat, sleep, talk and prey. A home is a reflection of the family that lives in it. When we say home decoration we most often think about colors, fabrics and floor coverings. While these definitely make a home more cozy and beautiful, they do not really define the family within. It is the smaller touches of home décor that tells visitors who they are and what is important to them.


For many Believers, their home is a direct reflection of their religion. It is important to them that when they receive visitors it is clear that you have entered a home of faith. There is a way to achieve a spiritually enhanced environment without overwhelming it. There are religious decorations that are meant to make a house a place for spirituality. These spiritual items are beautiful, meaningful and significant.


Religious decorations can take many forms from the literal to the symbolic to the abstract.


Religious symbols are an obvious way to express one’s faith. Items such as the 10 Commandments, portraits of Jesus or a Crown of Thorns are attractive and make a bold religious statement. There will be no doubt as to your family’s faith.


A more subtle form of religious decoration is images of spiritual places. Wall art depicting scenes of the Holy City of Jerusalem for example are a little less obvious. However, they are still very effective for creating a spiritual environment.


Finally, depictions of Biblical scenes and characters are a more light-hearted form of religious decoration. Figurines and wall pictures are wonderful to display your favorite scene from the Bible. A figurine of the Ark of the Covenant or the Lion and Lamb of Messianic Times can really set the stage for room. These will be dominant pieces in your décor and will definitely get noticed by guests.


When choosing your home religious decorations remember three important elements: each piece should match the overall room décor, speak the message you want to convey and most importantly, appeal to your taste. Keep in mind, you are not only after an ornamental aspect, your decorations are meant to inspire. The end result is that your home will be a special blessed place for you and your family and a welcoming place for G-d’s love.

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