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Holy Land Elements

Holy Land Elements


The Holy Land is always in the heart of the Faithful. Jerusalem, the Galilee, Bethlehem, the Jordan River are all sacred places with deep spiritual meaning. To travel to the Holy Land and let your senses run wild seeing, smelling and touching the places that the Messiah once stood could possibly be the ultimate experience. For those who cannot make the once-in-a-lifetime voyage, there is a way to literally hold the Holy Land in your hand – with Holy Land Elements. While it will never be the same as actually travelling to the Holy Land, you can still hold these small Holy Land items in your hand and feel them in your soul.


Jordan River Water


The Jordan River is one of the world’s sacred bodies of water. It flows from the Upper Galilee to the northern Sea of Galilee and out the southern end on to the Dead Sea. The Jordan River is mentioned an uncountable amount of times in the Bible. It delineates territory, serves as a water source and of course was the baptismal waters of Jesus. You can feel the presence of Jesus Christ in each bottle of Holy Jordan River water. It can be used to bless yourself and your loved ones. It will serve as a constant reminder of the ultimate sacrifice made and the meaning of baptism.


Galilee Olive Oil


The Galilee is one of the most evocative places in the Bible. It is where Jesus was born and raised, the native soil of many of His disciples and the area in which Jesus lead His ministry. It was near the Sea of Galilee that a woman anointed Jesus’ feet (Luke 7:36-50) with perfumed olive oil. While Galilee olive oil is famous for its culinary high quality, it is also be used for anointing. Keeping a vial of Galilee olive oil reminds us of the forgiving spirit, miracles and kindness of the ministry of Jesus.


Jerusalem Soil and Bethlehem Stones


Other Holy Land items that Believers hold as sacred are Jerusalem Soil and Bethlehem Stones. The cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem obviously both have great meaning to the follower of Jesus. Having a small amount of soil from Jerusalem or stones from Bethlehem makes one wonder, “Could Jesus have stood on this soil?” or “Could the shepherds have trod on this stone on their way to see the baby?”


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