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Anointing Oil: Biblical traditions with modern uses


Ancient Biblical traditions bridge the spiritual past of our religion with our current manner of worship. The tradition of anointing with oil is one such tradition. Anointing oil was an essential element in the ordination of a Cohen, a member of the Jewish priesthood. It also was an important part in the consecration of the holy items of the Tabernacle and later the Temples in Jerusalem. As time went on the use of anointing oil for consecration was extend from the priesthood to the include kings and prophets.


Today anointing oils often are dedicated to use in health and healing. This practice comes from the New Testament in which miraculous healing occurred with the use of holy anointing oil. For example in Mark 6:13 it states, “They drove out many demons and anointed many sick people with oil and healed them.” For the Believer, to anoint someone who is sick is a sacred art in which they will be made whole through the hand of G-d.


Anointing oils are often used in a church setting; however, this is not necessary and can be applied at home as well. In addition to being used to help the sick they can be used to summon G-d’s protection and care in the home. It can be placed on the main entrance to a home so the Holy Spirit will know this is a place that honors G-d. It can even be used on your car to protect you on the roads while travelling.


There are a wide variety of anointing oils available. The best are made on a base of Holy Land olive oil. Various fragrances are added to the olive oil to form the anointing oil. Fragrances with some sort of Biblical or Holy Land significance the most appropriate and most popular. Some examples of Holy Land botanicals used for fragrances are the rose of Sharon, myrrh, frankincense, spikenard of Mary and lily of the valley. Some anointing oils have combinations of these botanicals to form lovely perfume-like scents.


The power of anointing oils comes not from the oil itself, but from the Holy Spirit working through it. It allows the Believer a medium in which to call upon G-d for help in the case of the sick or for protection from the wicked. Anointing oil represents a Believer’s faith that G-d is always there and willing to help His faithful.




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