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Why buy inspirational items from Israel?

They are made by Israeli hands, in Israeli cities, towns and kibbutzim. These Holy Land inspirational items have a special aura about them. Knowing there is a slight possibility that the olive oil in your anointing oil was made from olives on a tree under which Jesus sat. The Jerusalem soil in the Holy Land Elements set could have been walked on by the Apostles. Inspirational products also make wonderful gifts for family, friends and church leaders – anyone who feels G-d’s presence and can appreciate a product from the holy land. 

Inspirational items include anointing oils, Holy Land elements sets, rosaries and other items that were inspired by the Bible in their creation. A spiritual journey is something very personal and different for everyone. Despite the differences the commonality is that it is the progression of a person as they grow in understanding of God, the world, and themselves. It is making intentional decisions to grow deeper in knowledge and wisdom of the Word. There are things that can help you on your spiritual journey. Inspirational Items from the Holy Land such as anointing oil, Holy Land Elements, Holy Land Olive Wood and Israel Flags can all inspire you in your walk.

Anointing Oil

Anointing oil is mentioned in the scriptures 20 times. Exodus 30:23-24 provides the anointing oil ingredients as it was made in the times of the Bible. The recipe calls for making it on a base of olive oil and includes myrrh and cinnamon amongst other spices. The purpose of anointing oil in the Old Testament was to anoint the head of the High Priest and for sprinkling the Tabernacle and its furnishings to denote them as Holy. In the New Testament the anointing oil serves as a means to heal the sick or as an act of worship. Today anointing oil is used to symbolize the Holy Spirit, the One who leads to all truth and anoints continuously with His grace and comfort as in 1 John 2:20. It is used to anoint the sick so the Holy Spirit will work through them to wellness. One can anoint one’s own body before prayer, Bible study or daily devotionals to feel invigorated with the Holy Spirit. Also anoint places and objects such as homes, houses of worship and the contents to proclaim the Holy Spirit lives here!

Holy Land Elements

These are some of our most popular inspirational gift items. Holy Land elements sets contain the very essence of the Land of the Bible. Holy Land elements are little pieces of the Holy Land that you can carry with you or keep in your home or car so that you would always have the Land of the Lord around you. They contain one or a variety of the following: holy Jordan River water, soil from Jerusalem, stones from Bethlehem, olive oil from the Galilee, raw frankincense incense, or mustard seeds.

Holy Land Olive Wood

The olive tree has both sentimental and religious significance to Believers. In the Bible it is said that the olive tree is a symbol of peace in reference to the Old Testament telling of the story of Noah. Yeshua prayed underneath an olive tree in the Garden of Gethsemane after the last supper. Olive wood has a beautiful curving grain that created lovely Items. Olive wood from the Holy Land is used to create décor carvings, boxes, magnets, keychains, candleholders, Bible covers, crosses and Christmas decorations. Having an olive wood item you know you have a little piece of something that actually grew in the soil of the Holy Land.

Israel Flags

Israel is one of the ultimate inspirations for Believers. Owning an Israel Flag connects you to the Jewish people and your Judaic roots. It shows that you support Israel and defend her right to exist. It will connect you to the Holy Land to inspire you to know Israel’s ancient story, historic moments, miraculous rebirth and Biblical prophecies.


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