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Jewish Earrings

The Chai, Hamsa and the Pomegranate


Judaism is rich with symbolism. The most well-known are the Star of David and menorah. However, there are many more beautiful symbols that can be worn to express your inner feelings and faith. Three meaningful symbols that are often seen on Jewish jewelry are the Chai, Hamsa and the Pomegranate. Displaying Hebraic symbols on home décor, inspirational art and through Jewish jewelry such as religious earrings and pendants is a significant way to show your conviction in following the Torah.




Chai is both a word and a symbol. It is spelled with the two Hebrew letters Chet and Yud. In simple terms is means “life,” in more complex terms it is the living flow of all living things. Some believe that Chai is symbolic of the Living G-d. It is a very important concept and symbol in the Hebraic culture. It is commonly seen on ornaments, Jewish earrings and Hebraic art.




The Hamsa comes from the Hebrew “hamesh” or “five” and is shaped like a symmetrical hand. It is a popular motif on many decorative items such as Jewish art, Jewish charms and Jewish earrings. Sometimes called the Hand of Miriam, it represents the five books of the Torah and serves as a reminder to use all five senses when praising G-d. The Hamasa is often found in conjunction with other Jewish symbols.




The pomegranate is an ancient symbol which has recently has recently seen a revival in modern spiritual culture because of its image of health, beauty and knowledge. There are numerous Biblical-era references to the pomegranate. Pomegranate images were woven into the High Priest’s robes, it is one of the Seven Species of Israel and was found on the columns of King Solomon’s temple and his crown (and subsequently royal crowns thereafter) was designed after the top of a pomegranate.


Traditionally the pomegranate is the symbol of fruitfulness and wisdom thus appearing on the coins of ancient Judea. The pomegranate is also the symbol of righteousness because it is said that it contains 613 seeds, one for every mitzvoth in the Torah.


The beauty and historical significance of the pomegranate translates very well onto Jewish art and inspirational jewelry such as Jewish earrings, bracelets and pendants. It is rapidly growing in popularity and just about anything that features the image of a pomegranate is considered stylish and modern. 



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