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Inspirational Earrings

Inspirational Earrings - Declaration of Faith

What is Inspirational Jewelry?

Inspiration is that feeling that rides a wave of emotion through our whole being causing us to pause long enough to soak in the appreciation of something truly great and perhaps make some sort of change in our lives.  At any given moment a person is inspiring another person to do something different, simply by being who they are in character and appearance.  A simple pendant may be enough to stop a person in their tracks, and a pair of earrings could light up an entire room.  Jesus Boat Shop has a diverse and rich collection of inspirational jewelry for you to choose from; every design is expertly hand crafted by Israeli artisans and has a proudly Israeli influence.

Inspirational Earrings

Any item we choose to purchase in association with our sense of personal style is chosen because we feel it speaks to us and will speak to others as well. Our sense of personal style is what distinctly inspires us to separate from the pack as well as unite with each other under umbrellas of faith and belief.  Jesus Boat Shop’s selection of inspirational earrings is guaranteed to touch your heart while reaching out to others. Our earrings are crafted by Israeli artists who incorporate traditional Jewish
and Christian symbols into settings of gold and silver, using such materials as ancient roman glass and cut crystals.

The Religious Symbols of Our Inspirational Earrings

We feature inspirational earrings with major symbols of faith such as the majestic Star of David – the shape of King David’s shield and the “Chai” symbol which means “Life” in Hebrew - a blessing for good fortune.  The Magen David is also incorporated into the Messianic Seal also known as the “Grafted In” symbol consisting of a Christian fish, the Star of David and the menorah. The symbol is regarded as a joining of both religions; Christianity springing forth from 1st-Century-Judaism and the light of the menorah binding them together.  Another special symbol is the Hoshen (pronounced Choshen ) which symbolizes the twelve tribes of israel and the breastplate the high priest used to wear. 

Roman Glass Earrings

Another form of inspirational jewelry is Roman glass jewelry. Roman Glass is essentially glass used by the Romans some two thousand years ago, left in the ground and oxidized until it ultimately acquired a stunning patina on the surface of the glass.  Pieces that are exceptionally appealing are made into jewelry. Michal Kirat is a gifted Israeli artist who designs Roman Glass into inspirational Jewelry for many years. You would be able to find that the sterling silver she uses for her inspirational earrings actually accentuates the beautiful iridescence of the Roman Glass . 

Jewelry is not just an adornment these days. Inspirational Jewelry is specifically chosen for the symbolism it carries and is an identifier of a person’s core belief and faith.

Find the pair that best represents you!

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