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Holy Land Clothing


Holy Land Clothing: Apparel that Matters

Let personal expression of your support of Israel shine through with Israel-themed clothing.
Instantly tell others a little bit about the way you think and feel about Israel. With Holy Land clothing, you can make a strong conscious statement about your faith in a casual way.

JesusBoat.com, the original website of the Jesus Boat store in Nof Ginosar has a variety of Israel clothing that serves that very purpose. Choose from Messianic and Christian t-shirts to Support Israel neck ties and IDF hats, from Israel Army Jackets to light and funny Israel t-shirts.
Probably the best thing about Israel clothing is that it gets people talking about Israel. Is there anything more gratifying than getting people talking about the importance of Israel and about your faith?

Why are Israel t-shirts so popular?

Israel t-shirts are the perfect blend of style, comfort and faith. T-Shirts are versatile clothing essentials that can be worn in a variety of ways. You can wear a t-shirt with a blazer or just with a pair of jeans. You can wear it fitted, loose or customize the look with just a pair of scissors. When you combine the versatility of the t-shirt with the messages conveyed in Holy Land clothing you have a winning combination that people love. There are messages and designs to suit all tastes; from the most gentle and delicate to the outright flamboyant.

What other types of Holy Land clothing will stir a conversation about my Faith and Israel?

Israel hats are another great way to express your support of Israel and get people’s attention. When you wear an Israel hat or Jerusalem hat with boldly written letters across the front you won’t help but get noticed. There are also IDF hats with Israel Army written across the front and hats with Hebrew writing. All of these Israel hats are fun to wear and excellent conversation starters.

Are there types of Holy Land clothing that will appeal to just ladies?

Scripture scarves and Galilee silk are lovely Israel clothing options that ladies will love. Scripture scarves are colorful, fun and adorned with meaningful scriptures and spiritual graphics. Scripture Scarves are versatile – they can be worn as an accessory to an outfit or they can be used in worship dance, to wave in a worship service, or even as a table runner at a holiday meal. Scripture scarves come in a wide variety of gorgeous colors. Together with the Biblical scripture and the gorgeous colors, scripture scarves can demonstrate a powerful personal expression and style.

Beautiful clothing made of Galilee Silk shows a different perspective of the Holy Land. Vibrant yet subtle, the silk, hand-painting and crafting is produced 100% in the Galilee of Israel. The beautiful colors painted on the silk are inspired by the Galilee in the spring time – deep greens of the grass, bright reds of the flowers, stunning yellows of the Mediterranean sun, and intense blues of the Sea of Galilee. Galilee Silks are modern artistic yet functional interpretations of the holy sites of this ancient Holy Land. From the creation of the silk to the artistic inspiration of the scarves, vest, and shirts – Galilee Silk is 100% Israel!

A magnificent collection Holy Land clothing items that will inspire you and hopefully others is available at the Jesus Boat Store and the Jesus Boat Store website, JesusBoat.com. Time to get inspired!


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