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Israeli Teas & Coffee

Relax with a cup of two of Israel’s favorite brands: Wissotzky tea or Elite coffee.

In Israel tea or coffee is essential after a big meal. Enjoy a cup of famous Elite Coffee or Wissotzky tea after your meal, to start your morning, or to relax in the afternoon.

Elite Coffees and Wissotzky teas have deep rich flavors which are sure to satisfy. All varieties of Elite Coffee and Wissotzky teas are made with the finest quality ingredients.

The well-know and loved decaffeinated coffee Café Hag also available!

About Wissotzky (Company)

Wissotzky is the leading producer and exporter of Tea in Israel. Wissotzky Tea was founded in 1849 and established its first Tea plant production in Israel in 1936. Since that time the company has built a tradition for uncompromising devotion to producing the highest quality tea and this is evident from the selection of the ingredients and through out the production process.

The company's tea production plant is located in the industrial area in the Galilee and it is the largest tea manufactory in Israel.
The plant is equipped with state of the art technology on a par with the best in the world. The factory manufactures all types of regular teas ,
herbal infusions and fruit teas in teabags or as loose tea. The tea is manufactured both for local markets and for export worldwide.
manufactured both for local markets and for export worldwide.

About Elite (Company)

Elite was founded in the 1920's in Latvia by Eliyahu Fromenchenko. When Fromenchenko immigrated to Mandatory Palestine in 1933, he and his partners established a factory in Ramat Gan. Their most popular brand at the time was 'Cow Chocolate', only called so because of the cow pictured on the packaging. The company quickly grew and set up factories in Safed and Nazareth Illit.

In 1970, Elite purchased the "Leiber" candy company, giving Elite control of two of its most popular brands today: the Mekupelet chocolate bar and the local Bazooka chewing gum license.

The Israeli snack food market had been traditionally divided by Elite in the sweets market and Osem in the salty market. In 1991, Elite decided to expand by entering the salty snack market by establishing a new factory in Sderot and specifically producing 'Shosh', a copy of the Bamba snack, the most popular snack in Israel made by Osem. Elite became the local licensee of Frito-Lay products, producing the best-selling brand 'Tapuchips'. Later, Elite started selling coffee outside of Israel, especially in Europe and South America.

In 2004 Elite and Strausse merged. Strauss focuses mostly on dairy products while Elite focuses on chocolate, coffee, and dry snack foods. 

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