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Keep Israel with you always...

Travelling to distant lands like Israel is a great and amazing experience. One of the things that you will immediately notice is the difference in culture, food, and the traditions of the natives who live in the land. However, if you are just visiting for a short time, you might feel the need to take with you something from the country that will remind you of the experiences and learning that you gain by being in the Holy Land.

It is also safe to assume that for most people, visiting another country, like Israel, will not be complete without purchasing some keepsakes and souvenirs. These things will give you a sense of connection with the places that you went, the people you met along the way and overall experience of awe of amazement as you walk in the land where Jesus lived.

Israel Pins and Patches

Pins and patches are a great way to remember Israel. These small souvenirs can be pinned to your clothes or other articles that you usually bring with you like wallets and bags. By bringing these items with you, you proclaim that you support the country and consider the natives of the land as your friends.

There are pins that depict the national flag of the nation, the seal of Jerusalem, the Grafted-in symbol, and a lot of friendship flags between Israel and different countries such as the United States of America, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Philippines and a lot of other nations, as well.

Israel Keychains

Keychains are another great souvenir that you can attach to your bags, wallets, and other articles that you usually bring with you. There are different beautiful designs for all ages. For kids, there are keychains with pictures of sheep and camels. For teens and adults, there are stylish and classy designs of the Star of David, St. Peter’s Fish, the Last Supper, the Menorah and a lot of other elegant designs.

Israel Magnets

If you are looking for a souvenir that you can placed in prominent places in your home, then magnets are the perfect stuff for you. These magnets can be placed on the living room, on your refrigerator in the kitchen, and even in your room.

There are a lot of different artistic designs for this magnet such as a depiction of the city of Jerusalem, a 3D Magnet of the famous places in the Holy Land, Hebrew alphabets, the Second Temple, and even the actual pictures of places in the popular city.

Biblical Bookmarks

Do you love to read a physical Bible? Then, having bookmarks emblazoned with the different places in Israel will be a great keepsake for you or your friends. These bookmarks and page markers are beautifully designed with various symbolisms of the Jewish faith such as David’s Harp, Mezuzah, Menorah, Shofar, the Messianic Symbol and a lot of other great designs that you can choose from.

Plant a Tree in Israel

The ultimate souvenir and keepsake is not what you bring, but what you leave in the Holy Land. Thus, you can also choose to plant a tree in Israel which signifies your desire to grow with God’s people.


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