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Enhance your knowledge of Israel

The rich history of the chosen nation of Israel has attracted a lot of people to learn more about it. More than the accounts of events and people presented in the Bible, the miracles that are considered part of their history, and the commands of God listed in the Scriptures, the interest to learn more and delve deeper in the Holy Land is a common desire for those who are believers of God.

God said to Abraham the whole world will be blessed through Him. In another part of the Scriptures, the Lord also told Him that those people who bless Him will be blessed, while those who cursed Him will be cursed. No wonder that there are nations who seems to have a special place for the nation of Israel, while there are also those countries who hate God’s chosen people. Either way, learning more about Israel is truly a delightful experience and one of the best ways to do it is by reading books about it.

Israeli Cuisine Cookbooks

The Scriptures include several recipes, but mostly about the preparation for burnt offerings. However, reading the Bible might arouse the curiosity to learn what kind of foods are they eating in the Holy Land? The best way to do that is learn the exact recipes and the precise way of how the Israel natives are preparing their food. There is also a cookbook to teach you how to prepare foods during the Bible time.

Hebrew Learning Books

Reading the Bible in its original language is indeed a challenging but worthy goal. There are different ways you can do this. You can do to Israel and live there to learn the language of the people. An easier way would be to read books that aim to teach you how to speak the language of the Hebrew people. There are books to learn Hebrew from Español, from Deutsch, and from English.

Judaism and Jewish History Books

Before Jesus came, the people of Israel are already worshipping God and their belief system is called Judaism. Their faith is closely woven into the fabrics of their history since their Laws are based on the commandments given by God. Learning more about Judaism and the history of Israel can further shed light as to how the Hebrew people lived in their land with their growing culture and traditions.

Israeli Nature Books

A lot of animals have been mentioned in the Bible. From the sacrifices that the God of Israel required, up to the food that is considered clean and unclean. Having a basic understanding of what are these animals and even plants can give a person a deeper experience with the condition of the people in the Bible.

Israel History and Places Book

Trace back the events that happened to the chosen nation of God from the time of the Patriarchs, to the time of Jesus, and even up to the present time. It is also recommended to learn more about the places mentioned in the Bible by having illustrated maps that shows their locations.

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