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Rings, Bracelets and Cufflinks: More ways to express you beliefs

In the Bible, God commanded His people to wear tassels in the hems of their garments. This command by God aims to help the Israelites to constantly remember all His instructions and precepts. Every time that an Israelite will see the tassel, he will be reminded that God has specific sets of commands to guard His people and lead them to the right way of living.

However, most people can’t wear clothes now that are adorned with tassels. This should not be a cause for them to forget the commandments of God. For this reason, putting the symbolisms of faith in different jewelry articles can be a way to still be reminded of God’s instructions wherever we go.

Silver Rings

Rings are viewed as a symbol of commitment. It’s never ending loop represents the unending commitment of a person to another. In the same way, wearing a ring with different engraving related to the Jewish and Christian faith represents the everlasting commitment of a believer to God.

A lot of beautiful silver ring crafted with symbols of faith and the chosen nation are ideal for this. From Hebrew inscription, the Lion of Judah, the Jerusalem Wall, and various stone rings all signifies the endless commitment of God and His people.

Charm Bracelets

The different symbols of the Jewish faith such as the Menorah, the Star of David, the Shema, Pomegranate, and David’s Harp can also be fashioned to become charms and be attached to a bracelet. The same can be done to Messianic symbols like the Grafted-in emblem and the Messianic Star of David as well as to Christian symbols like the Ichthys and the cross.

There are a lot of charms to choose from and each charm might mean something to the person who is wearing it. Either way, the different charms in the bracelet can function like the tassels of the Old Testament and remind the people of God of His teachings and promises written in the Bible.

Spiritual Bracelets

Spiritual bracelets are plain bracelets with beautiful inscription of the Hebrew texts of the Shema, the color of the stones mentioned in the Hoshen, and even the Hebrew inscriptions of the promised blessing or the priestly benediction as written in Deuteronomy 28:12.

Some of these bracelets can also be adorned with charms like the Bible, the map and the flag of Israel. These charms can display a person’s respect to the Scriptures and the Holy Land.


If you are not fond of jewelry, but is usually formal in your attire, you can still wear a piece showing the symbolism of the Jewish, Messianic and Christian faith by using cufflinks. There is a cufflink showing the Messianic Seal and a cufflink with the  inscription of the Shema Yisrael.

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