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Roman Glass Jewelry: An Ancient Piece of the Holy Land

The ancient Israel, particularly during 63 B.C.E up to 313 C.E., was under the rule of the Roman Empire. Therefore, during the time of Jesus and the early centuries of the Church, the Roman Empire influenced the different facets of Israel including trade and industry.

One major product that was being used in the Roman Empire is the Roman glass. It was used in glass vessels such as bottles, goblets, vase and jars and also in serving food and drinking water. These ancient articles made from Roman glass are now being transformed into exquisite pieces of jewelry.

The Roman glass is typically colored in shades of blue and aqua and is now being mounted in gold or sterling silver. The stunning beauty of the Roman glass jewelry is not just displaying magnificence, but also highlights the rich history of the nation of Israel.

Roman Glass Pendants

The history of Israel is also abounding in symbolisms that embody the faith of the Jewish people. Each symbol speaks of different meanings that show how God intervened in the history of His people.

These ancient symbolisms serve as the inspiration in exquisite jewelries such as Roman glass pendants carved in models of the Messianic symbol, Star of David, Ichthys, Jerusalem Cross, David’s Harp and a lot of other symbols of faith in gold and sterling silver.

Roman Glass Earrings

The bluish rainbow appearance of the Roman glass is also perfect in earrings. Some of these beautiful earrings are created by one of the most sough-after jewelry maker in Israel which is Michal Kirat.

Different varieties and designs of earrings, all highlighting the beauty and the history of the Roman glass, are available.

Roman Glass Bracelets

Michal Kirat also crafted bracelets adorned with stunning Roman glass. What makes the Roman glass jewelry unique is the process of creating it. Since the glass came only from shards of articles from excavated archaeological sites and not all glass can be made into jewelry, every piece of jewelry can be considered “one of a kind.”


The Michal Kirat Collection

Michal Kirat is one of the best in Israel when it comes to jewelry design and manufacturing. She is also the world’s leading designer of Roman glass jewelry. Her designs show intricate details of each piece of jewelry and evidence of her talent in hand crafting each piece that she works on.

Her collection includes fine-looking jewelry that combines the historicity of the Roman glass and the beauty of sterling silvers. It also contains different symbolisms of faith such as the Menorah, the Messianic symbol, Ichthys, Chai, Jerusalem Cross, and a lot of other gorgeous designs.


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