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Olive Wood: A Special Piece of the Holy Land

The olive tree is one of the most popular trees in the Bible. There are a lot of places in the Scriptures where things related to the olive tree is mentioned just like the olive leaf brought by the dove to Noah’s ark, the olive oil that is being used in anointing, and the olive grove where Jesus spent His time to pray.

Having a piece of article that is made in olive wood can bring great inspiration to those people who own it. By having a small piece of this famous tree, a person can be reminded of the spiritual things and the beautiful teachings that are mentioned in the Bible.

Olive Wood Mezuzahs

Mezuzah is a small piece of fixture that is being attached by Jewish families in their doorframes. This is in accordance of the mitzvah mentioned in Deuteronomy 6:9 that command to inscribe the words of the Shema on the doorposts of each house. Though, there are no specific instructions as to the material that should be used in a mezuzah, having an olive wood mezuzah will be ideal for anyone who wants to have a piece of the Holy Land in their homes.

Olive Wood Keychains

There are also keychains that are made with olive wood. These keychains are perfectly engraved with symbolisms related to the Holy Land. Considering the size of the keychain, it can be attached to a wallet, mobile phone and bag. It will allow a person to bring a piece of the Holy Land wherever he goes.

Olive Wood Keepsake Boxes

Small keepsake boxes are ideal in storing small valuable items like pieces of jewelry. The olive wood keepsake boxes can be round or square and are beautifully crafted with engravings related to the Holy Land.

Olive Wood Decor

If you are using carvings and decorations to enhance the beauty of your home, getting some olive wood decor is an ideal way to do that. One that would stand out is to have the Ten Commandments carved in an olive wood tablet to remind you of God’s holiness and what He requires of you.

Olive Wood Candle Holders

Lighting candle is a lovely tradition in order to set the mood and atmosphere of any place to a more calming and soothing experience. Using an olive wood candle holder can further enhance the experience, especially if you are meditating and worshipping God in your room.

Olive Wood Magnets

Adorn your refrigerator or any metal surface of your house with olive wood magnets. By having these small magnets that are engraved with symbols of faith, you can have a sense of continuous awareness of God’s presence in your life.

Olive Wood Crosses

The cross is the primary symbol of Christianity. Olive wood cross are far more beautiful than having a plastic cross to display on your house.

Olive Wood Bibles

As believers, we are expected to always be in communication with God through His words. You can further improve your experience in reading the Bible through the smell of the olive wood cover that came from the soil of the Holy Land.

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