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Heighten Your Daily Devotions

Let the divine spirits guide you through your journey as you accessorize yourself with these gracious devotional products from the house of Jesus Boat shop. Procured from the traditional customs and Israeli freshness, each and every religious item have a unique outlook. Be it a creative wood carving of Lord Jesus or naturally made anointing oil, you can get the perfect devotional product for your home or for gifting purposes. The holiness of these items can be felt through their designs, appearances and the touch of elegance.

Anointing Oil

Savor in the mesmerizing fragrance and treasure these exclusively made anointing oil from the wide collection of Jesus Boat shop. Freshly made from natural ingredients and elements, these anointing oils are ideal for relieving body aches, giving an aromatic touch to your personality and providing soft and succulent skin. The essence of rose petals and other Dead Sea ingredients bring out a remarkable scent from these anointing oils. The designing of the bottles and jars are quite innovative and portrays the iconic symbols of Jerusalem.

So, give into the charm and relish these fragranced anointed oils which are ideal for gifting or for your own use.

Holy Land Elements

Israel lands have always been considered as holy places for Israelis and what better way to restore them than with these specially possessed holy land elements and items from Jesus Boat shop. The natural and pious elements of Jerusalem will fill up the environment of your home with divineness and bring over a sense of respect for the Israeli land. Some of the precious holy land items of Jesus Boat shop include, necklaces with religious prayer scrolls in it, holy water from the Jordan river, gift sets of the holy land of Jerusalem and other traditional items.


Feel empowered and give into the powers of God with these meticulously designed rosaries from the house of Jesus Boat shop. The rosaries are religious items which acts as the source for mental prayers of every home. The Rosary prayer consists of repeated sequences and is often practiced with a string of beads which are a physical method of keeping track of the number of Hail Mary recited. As the human fingers move along the rosary beads, the minds are comforted from every difficulty and are provided with strength and happiness.

Let the holy words of the Bible guide you with these divine rosaries.

Christmas Inspiration

It’s time to celebrate Christmas with a lot of grandeur and warmth as you acquire these elegantly designed handcrafts from Jesus Boat shop. Made from pure solid olive wood, these décor pieces are perfect for adorning your living room. The designs are quite innovative and calls for attention from everyone. Some of the décor items are inspired by the traditional Christmas spirit and portray the holy scenes from Bible, including the birth of Jesus and the three wise men.

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