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Feel the Spirit in your Decor

Every one of us spends most of his time in different places. Some spend more time in their house, while there are others who spend more time in their office. Whatever that place is, the things that surround us have a great influence in our mood and state of mind.

Surrounding yourself with decorations that are gloomy and dark can elicit negative emotions from within you. On the other hand, surrounding yourself with decorations that communicated about the power of God, His promises and the symbolisms of faith that accompany it, can stimulate confidence, positivity and stronger belief that God is in control. Thus, it is essential that you become mindful of the things that surround you.

Home Décor

For most people, their house is the place where they can find comfort and rest. After a tiring day at work, they all look forward to spend the remaining hours of the day with their families in the comforts of their home.

And to further increase the sense of peace and tranquillity inside the house, it is important that the house is filled with reminders of who God is and His blessings in your life. There are various decorations in the wall such as the Crown of David, the Aaronic blessing, portrait of the Wailing Wall, Jerusalem Hamsa and a lot of other varieties of wall decorations.

Religious Decorations

For people of faith, their outward expression of their belief in God is of utmost importance to them. They want to proclaim to the whole world that they are indeed follower of God. Thus, for most of them, putting up religious decorations in the places they own is one way that they express their faith.

Figurines and wood sculptures are great ideas that you can try when looking for religious decorations. There are decorative plates of the Wailing Wall and the city of Jerusalem. A silver-plated figurine of dove is another example, as well as figurines of the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Temple. The wood carvings of the Nativity scene and the Ten Commandments can also be a decoration in expressing your religious beliefs.

Silver Figurines

Exquisite silver figurines are another great way to decorate your home. There is a honey dish shaped like an apple, a Jerusalem globe figurine, and even figurines of mighty men of God like Moses. These silver figurines will not just make your place look better, but can also be reminded of the blessings and promises of God in your life.

Scripture Wall Hangings

The Scriptures list all the details of the promises of the Almighty to those who will choose to live for Him. God promises protection, abundant blessing and ultimately the salvation of our souls through what Jesus did.

Therefore, it is essential that we constantly live our lives being reminded of these truths. And one of the best ways to do that is to hang those Scriptures in a place where we can always see it. Banners with Bible verses, blessings, the Aaronic benediction, and even the Lord’s prayers are great starting point.


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