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Holy Land Olive Wood

Beautiful Olive Wood products created in the Holy Land. Each piece is created with care from an olive tree grown in Judea or the Galilee. Olive wood products include keepsake boxes, home decor, mezuzahs, Nativities and Ornaments creating the perfect Gift from the Holy Land. For further information about Holy Land Olive Wood please learn more ...

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Beautiful Holy Land Olive Wood products from JesusBoat.com! All Holy Land Olive Wood products are made from olive wood grown in Israel. Olive trees are protected in the State of Israel because of their Biblical importance. Therefore, olive trees are never destroyed during the production of Holy Land Olive Wood products. Holy Land Olive Wood products are made only from the pruned branches of the olive trees. Pruning the olive trees is necessary for the health of the tree. JesusBoat.com has many exciting Holy Land Olive Wood products. We have Holy Land olive wood candle holders, olive wood boxes, olive wood magnets, olive wood crosses, olive wood mezuzahs, olive wood Christmas ornaments and other olive wood décor.. Olive wood has amazing patterns in the grain of the wood. Because of these patterns, each Holy Land Olive Wood product is unique. We offer Olive wood products with Christian, Messianic, Jerusalem, and Holy Land designs.

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